Friday, July 9, 2010

On the Blog...

Feeling a bit under the weather this week so no punch art for today.

But I still have something fun for you.

You "google reader" people never see this because it is in the right hand column of the blog right above the search box. 

I found a site someone very clever set up to play with color combinations for all the Stampin' Up! colors.

This is uber fun since the color renovation has shaken things up!

You can submit color combinations you like.

You can vote on combinations that others have submitted.

So actually LOOK ON MY BLOG in the right hand column and see "play with  SU color combinations" click on the link and have some fun.


Nancy Riley said...

Ellen, thanks so much for pointing this website out to me! There was a similar one a few years ago that shut down, and I've missed it since. I put the link on my sidebar too!

Carolyn Sharkas said...

Hey, hope your ok, you have had a lot on your plate lately. Feel better soon. I'm gonna catch up on my comments, lol.


leslie said...

Feel better, and thanks for forcing me to click over to your actual blog! I've also added the link to my sidebar. Great site!

Migdalia said...

Feel beter soon, Ellen!