Saturday, July 17, 2010

More than Tall Tales

Artistic License used here - since I do know that the giraffe should have the spots not the background.  I liked it better this way.  And no, you don't get to see the reject.

Face - large oval - trimmed in on both sides at "bottom" with scissors
Neck - word window
Ears - 1/2 inch circle, cut flat on one side
Horns - smallest my way arrow, snipped the point on three sides to flatten
Eyelids - circle from itty bitty shapes punch pack, cut flat on one side
Eyes - standard hole punch in early espresso
Drew on nostrils and drew a line at the bottom of the eyelids with marker

Background technique is wax paper resist but not on glossy paper - I did it on very vanilla cardstock.
And in the past I have always wadded up my wax paper - this time I ran it through the Big Shot with a texture plate - this particular plate was a gift from a customer and is not from Stampin' Up!

If this giraffe looks a little more serious than my usual punch art - it is because I was looking at a photo of a REAL giraffe to make it.  Took these photos back in May when the Dallas Zoo opened a new exhibit.  You can actually feed lettuce to the giraffes!  How cool is that?


Carol Ric said...

Adorable! I love all your punch art!

Veronica said...

Great photos (I like giraffes) and love the bookmark. TFS, Ellen.

Created by Kath said...

Love the book mark!

Micah said...

It totally kills me that your pictures don't show up for me half the time. I'm dying to know what these look like!! I just see big white boxes on tons of your posts /sob!!

Micah said...

Never mind, if I click on them to open in new window it works for me (on these ones, some of them aren't big enough to prompt opening outside the blog entry).

Love your stuff!

Carolyn Sharkas said...

Ok, I absolutely love him, and giraffes, I have a 5 ft wooden one in my living room. His name is Melman.
Anyway, Busch Gardens, Tampa has this type of exhibit and you can go out on trucks and feed them. Gabi and I did it a couple of years ago and I had so much fun. I just love these gentle animals. They are just to cool to be around and MAN! are their tongues long, LOL.

thanks for sharing,


Kimm BT said...

The giraffes are heavenly.. great pics! Oh your card is just as awesome:)