Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Strong Man

Same as the Italian Man in previous post, adding body and props.

I stuck the far ends of his "bat hair" into a small circle (1/2 inch probably) punch to round off the tips.
Groomed his moustache.
Left the whole owl as his belly  - feet cut off (of course)
Used the owl upside down for his feet and pants - just slipped the owl into the word window to separate his legs.

Sleeves and Arms - the usual small oval and wide heart to heart
Hand - the usual modern label tips punched with a circle punch
Weights - strip from trimmer and 1 inch circle punch

Won't your guy be pleased when you use the "Strong Man" on a card for him?:
Flattery might get you dinner out!


Carol said...

Strong man is TERRIFIC!!! Such creative imagination!!!! I truly admire your punch art skills!!!

Anonymous said...

You've done it now! I can't wait to order the owl punch. Alene

Cassandra said...

I've just recently found your blog, and am amazed!! You see further than the punch and it's so neat. I've shared your blog already with my mom (a SU demonstrator) and another friend! Thanks for sharing your creativity!

Anonymous said...

Oh, you always bring a giggle to my mouth. Thanksk for that! Anji B.

slbt17 said...

love it!

Carolyn Sharkas said...

Love this one, that mustache kinda makes him look like my hubby.