Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Italian Man

Don't ask me why I think of this as an "Italian Man" because there are so many other things I could have called him.  Dark curly hair and I come up with Italian.  I have no explanation.  I have no clue.

He is made from the OWL punch and the BAT punch assisted by the 1/2 inch circle.

WHAT?  you don't believe me?  Well, look here:

Just snip off the bat head and feet with the 1/2 inch circle punch to get his hair
Use the larger owl circles for his ears, one of the next smaller for his nose.
Use the vest/breast of the owl for his neck
Make a small "v" in the owl head and use that for his shirt
Punch the smaller circle in black then reinsert into the owl punch and put that HOLE by the larger circle - punch to get mustache.
Draw on eyes and eyebrows with black marker.

Yep - it is just that easy.


Margie said...

Too cute! I have already ordered the owl punch. Are you going to make me order the bat punch also? lol

Ellen Kemper said...

Yes Margie, that is my intention.

I am thrilled about the ornament and butterfly punches I've "forced" people into purchasing.

I hope to make the owl and bat punches another "necessity".

It is a very odd goal (since these ladies aren't buying from me), but it is still my mission.

Carol said...

How cute!!! "Italian Man" seems appropriate . . . I think the hair and the mustache are what tip the scales in that direction. Or you could call him "Certain Ethnic Man".

Brandy said...

Clearly you love your new owl punch! Whooooo knew it could be so many things? Well you did of course!

Carolyn Gibbs said...

So hoping we get the bat punch here in Aussie-land! Only 6 more sleeps until the preview and only 37 more sleeps until the new catalogue down under!

Awesome Ellen!

Carolyn Sharkas said...

yep, I am always amazed at what you come up with from the punches, better hurry though with the owl, new ones on the way, lol


Lois Folla said...

He could be a Russian too! LOL

I have not been looking at anyone's blogs in a long time, and yours is one of my favorites!

Thank you for continuing to share even though there are a few 'maybe' more than a few bad apples...

Whenever I see a punched project, I think hum, did they get that idea from Ellen :)

I'll tell you a secret, I LOVE all your creations and having them saved in a file makes me feel all warm an fuzzy. Whether I'll get to making any of them, is not as important as knowing I have family, friends, pets, animals and such in my Happy Ellen File! Thank you for that wonderful feeling!

Bless you for sharing your creativity to us ALL! Especially the ones that never take the time to write to you and say THANK YOU!! (WINK)

Much love and respect,
Lois Folla