Monday, July 19, 2010

The Owl Punch is a Girl!

Stampin' Up! really hit the jackpot with the new Owl punch.  I have seen cute cute cute owls made with it.

But you know me - I can't just use punches as they were intended.  I must turn them upside down and cut them in half and repunch them and think odd thoughts so that you can get even more use from your punches.

As soon as I saw an image of this punch - long before I held it in my hands I saw the first "odd usage" and it is.... HAIR

This girls is from three punches, scissors and three little curved lines from a black marker
You need:
The owl punch, the 3/4 inch circle and the 1 inch circle.
Hair color, flesh color and dress color cardstock.

She is really a very small character - here she is with the 1 inch circle punch so you can judge the size
I almost named her Polly Pocket because she is so small that the bottom half of her fits in the new petal punch envelope thingie - whatever you call it  (don't have the new catalog memorized yet)

Hair is the owl punch upside down with the feet cut off
Bangs 1 inch circle on edge of paper
Face - 3/4 inch circle
Neck, arms, legs - 1 inch circle around 3/4 inch circle HOLE - cut this ring into 5 pieces to make these body parts
Headband - 1 inch circle around 3/4 inch circle Hole - use about half of this ring for her headband
Hands - owl feet
Dress - vest/breast from the owl punch
Shoes - heart from owl punch cut in half

Draw on three curved lines for her eyes and mouth - EASY PEASY!

Jackie Topa has already made a tulip from the owl punch.  Wonder what else will be discovered?


Micah said...

That's really sweet! Thank you for sharing!

Carol Ric said...

Super cute! TFS!

Anonymous said...

As usual, your creativity blows me away!!! I love Polly Pocket :)

Carolyn Sharkas said...

She is a tiny little thing isn't she? and so cute too. I can't imagine what all you will be able to come up with for the new punches, but it will be loads of fun finding out.