Monday, July 5, 2010

How to Build a Hippie

No, you aren't using wood planks to build him - that is the faux wood technique taught on VC Rocks this year by Brandy Campbell.  See what you missed if you didn't join VC Rocks this year?   This pose is the lazy punchers hippie - you avoid having to do his legs and feet - and you can easily give him a protest sign to display your sentiment.

FULL hippie directions follow:

I'll throw up the photos and a few tips - you'll get it!   Parts you need are shown above - you don't really need the wide heart to heart - but you do need to punch twice offset from that hole to get his arms.  The headband is just a scrap of orange.  The round white ring is the 1 inch circle punched around a 3/4 inch circle HOLE.

Then you have to modify some of these parts - I didn't show the modern label before punching hands out - but the rest of the "parts" that need to be altered are shown PUNCHED and then MODIFIED (photo below)

Snowflake trimmed down

Word Window repunched for nose

Modern label punched with 1/2 circle for hands

Modern label trimmed to slant then knees rounded

Word window - cut ends for glasses

Word window - fold in half - trim toes by hand - cut apart (this way your toes are identical for both feet)

Scallop oval - repunched for beard and bangs - TIP: slide in at the "corner" of the scallop oval for bangs - if you stick in straight in for the tip - you won't get the shape you want.

Small oval - cut in half for sleeves

Now you can see how he takes shape.  Marker for eyes and earpiece of glasses.  Tip: attach middle of peace sign at the bottom, then at the top, THEN trim off the extra snowflake at the top.  Heels don't matter because they are hidden by jeans.
He will look weird in the face until you get the nose on - don't worry - just keep on sticking his parts on.
I use SU Mini glue dots for assembly.  If a piece is small I simply roll the glue dot up to a thin line (wad) of sticky.

So just follow the pictures EXCEPT make sure your peace sign is turned the correct directions (some idiot, named me, nearly messed this up)


Ruby said...

What a great character, you make it look so easy. Great use of the snowflake punch too. Looking forward to your use of the new punches. I looked at them by squinting my eyes so I could see another use of them... but nothing... so I'll wait for your genius! I look forward to your blog every day. Tks for sharing!

Anonymous said...

thanks for the great how to's...


Whimcees said...


Love your hippie guy! He is great! :<) Thanks for the tutorial - I will have to make one of these!

Wishing you a good week!


Barbara Diane

Carolyn Sharkas said...

Whoa, Dude! Far Out, Man, love this guy, I think I'm having flashbacks, lol.


Sharon Field / Inky A*Muse-ment said...

Ohh.. too darn funny! Deja Vu!