Friday, August 20, 2010

And another thing...

Another Seuss-ish thing. 


Here is a breakdown of the parts:
Hair - 2 scallop circles - repunched offset in scallop circle
Face - 1 inch circle (flatten a little on top) and small oval
Neck - 1/2 word window
Body - large oval
Collar - slot punch (retired - if you don't have it just use a strip of paper)
Arms - from oval ring (which is large oval punched around small oval hole)
Hands - small Heart to Heart - trim down the "thumb" side with scissors
Legs/Feet - wide Heart to Heart next to wide Heart to Heart hole - shorten the foot part (with scissors or insert into a small circle punch)
"Thing" label - 3/4 inch circle punch
Eyes - like yesterday's Cat in the Hat

Draw on face and 'thing 2' words
I did his face in very vanilla - I tried white, retired blush and bashful blue and decided vanilla was best.
Hair is Pacific Point.
Suit is Real Red.

I'm guessing you can now figure out how to make a "Thing 1"

Halloween costume tip - if you EVER see a fuzzy blue wig (maybe at Party City) nab it.  (No, don't nab it - PAY for it before you leave the store) because with that, any member of your family can be a Thing 1 or Thing 2 - all you need is a red t-shirt (which most people own) then pin a circle with the appropriate wording.

My youngest has been Thing 2 on at least 3 occasions.  With the wig, it is an EASY costume for all sizes.


slbt17 said...

this is sooo cute!
Thank you!

Carolyn Sharkas said...

Cute, cute, cute, I knew you would do a great job on these. I just love them.