Thursday, August 26, 2010

Big Foot Part 3 - Skater Boy

"Mom, why are the feet so BIG"
Because I am having a series of BIG FOOT characters
"oh"     (picture an extended "eye roll" here)

You may be wondering the same thing - particularly on yesterday's dancer - she might have looked better with normal feet.

I guess I'm doing it because the idea popped into my head.  Hubby says if I get an idea in my head there is no hope of getting it out until I get my way.  He knows me pretty well so I might as well admit he is right.

When I make a character "to scale" he/she/it often won't fit on a standard size card.  And even if I use it on a scrapbook page, it takes up too much page and attention. 

So I "thought up" making some characters where the head and feet were the emphasis and the body was tiny and less crucial to the character. Cartoon characters are drawn this way frequently (particularly the big head part).

I think this works particularly well for today's Skater Boy...

Of course for "your" skater boy you might want to do something totally different because you might want to emphasize the tight jeans on long legs - but maybe you can get an idea from this anyway.

I'm trying to keep the same base head and face for all these characters - and the feet are all the large oval in some form or fashion.  You could certainly change up the faces to make them more interesting.  I did photograph Skater Boy with two different mouths because I thing the look of disgust is funnier.

I'll be focusing on BIG FEET for another day or two.

All this foot talk...maybe I'll treat myself to a pedicure today....

Here is the punch list:
Head - wide oval
Hat - 1.75 inch circle - cut off part and use it for the brim
Hair - small ovals - trimmed like grass
Eyes - small heart to heart and standard hole punch, gel pen highlight
Mouth - smile is word window next to word window hole - frown is 1/2 inch circle next to 1/2 inch circle hole
Shirt - breast from owl punch
Sleeves - 1/2 inch circle cut in half
Pants - breast from owl punch (turn it upside down)
Shoes - large oval in black - large oval next to large oval hole to get white trim pieces
Arms - oval ring (large oval around small oval hole)
Hands - tips of modern label punch with circle from itty bitty punch pack
Skull on shirt - circle from ittybitty punch pack - repunched by same to get jaw line (put it on the sticky of a post it note to insert to repunch) draw on skull face
Skate board - wide oval next to wide oval hole, stripe from large oval nest to large oval hole
Wheels - 1/2 inch circle and circle from itty bitty punch pack


Carol L said...

all of your big-footed characters are hilarious, especially this guy! I love his hair, the cap, and especially the little skull on his t-shirt! You're insanely creative! I love it!!

Carolyn Sharkas said...

Cute little skater, even after he took a fall, lol. Another awesome one, TFS


Carolyn Sharkas said...

wait.....did that commenter above me say you were insane? lol


Ellen Kemper said...

LOL - that is too close to the truth!

slbt17 said...

too cute! what fun your designs have been!