Monday, August 23, 2010

Happy Birthday Little Blog

I never thought that the Inspiration Fairy would hang around for a full year, dropping ideas right into my punch drawer - but SHE DID!  So today, I'm celebrating the completion of one year of blogging.

It has been loads of fun having an appreciative audience admiring my bits of paper.  I didn't realize I had this immense need for external validation. 

Thank you for all your comments, emails and words of support.  Many thanks to those of you who encouraged me to start this - you know who you are.

Melanie gets 10 points for the best suggestion to commemorate this day.  As she suggested, we are having
 Cake and Punch!

OK, it's really punches on paper cake...

OK, the truth?

I'm going to be eating fudge snack cakes (yes plural, who can eat just one?) and drinking Diet Coke.

I couldn't find the punch bowl.  (I didn't look)

Besides, it is too early to spike the punch.

And I've always wondered, if you have "spike" why bother with the punch?

Anyway, wipe the cake crumbs off your chin, grab your beverage of choice and raise a glass ...

Here's to the I-Fairy and to the Blinkin' Blog.

Happy Birthday Little Blog!

Template for the cake can be found at Victorine Originals (look under patterns).
I used the scallop punch to create the frosting and the two sizes of scallop circles to make the flower on top.
It takes 12 of these slices to make a whole cake - how cute would that be?  You can see half a cake created by Karen Graff-Povis right HERE.  So many options for decorating - try it out!


slbt17 said...

Thank you!

Gaby said...

Hi Ellen,

congratulations. I'm so glad you've made the decision to blog, because I love to see your work. You are such a creative girl.

Keep it up!


Whimcees said...

Congratulations Ellen!

You have made quite a journey in one year - what an accomplishment! You have 400 loyal followers and have created an amazing blog with your non-ending creativity!

Wishing you a most happy and productive year ahead! :<)


Barbara Diane

Kym said...

How cute! I love how you used the ribbon to create the "layers" of the cake.

Ruby said...

Congratulations and Happy Birthday to your blog! I love the cake and the use of the ribbon is so cute! You've given me so much inspiration and my family and friends just love the cards I've created using your punch art! I raise a glass to your inspiration fairy and wish many more years to come!

Veronica said...

Three cheers for Ellen and the Inspiration Fairy! (rasing my coffee mug...too early for spike and I'm at work! shhh!!)

Loni said...

Happy Birthday to Ellen's very popular blog :) Hugs, Loni

Carol said...

Congratulations Ellen on your fabulous blog birthday, love the cake! Please thank your friends for encouraging you to start this, I'm now hooked on punchart! lol Looking forward to your following years of blogging!

Anonymous said...

Happy Blog Birthday! alene

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday. I hope there are many more!

Carol Ric said...

Congratulations! You have a great blog! Love all your punch art!

Brenda said...

Congratulations! that is a beautiful piece of cake! And, it fits my diet.

Carolyn Sharkas said...

Congrats my friend! A whole year of awesome posts, that make me smile.
I believe I have commented on at least 90% of your post, maybe more
(sometimes I just forget, let's blame that on age, lol) Looking forward to many more posts.


Melody (lacyquilter) said...

Happy blog birthday. I love seeing all the creations you come up with.