Thursday, August 12, 2010

Partial Person

Sharing Joan's genie yesterday and bringing up that old challenge, got me going on that "partial punch art" train of thought again. 

I like the thought that you can do simple punch art to communicate your IDEA without having to do a the FULL character.  Faces can be hard, ya know?

Think about some of the Santas you have seen over the years - The hat, beard and belly pretty much get the message across.  In fact, you don't even need the belly - just the hat and beard should do it because I have seen skinny Santas and known exactly who the were supposed to be.

Here is an example,

Barbershop Quartet anyone? 
And he doesn't even have a mouth!

I look at the hat, moustache and vest and I am humming tunes from Music Man.  You could make four of these "men" altering their hats or moustaches - adding a bow tie - changing the "fabric" of the vest - but you would never have to add faces or hands or legs and MOST people will get the full idea - with just PARTIAL punch art.

By the way, this vest is the wide oval punch - snipped in top and bottom with the star - snipped in a bit at the arm holes with an oval.  The moustache is the end of the curly label next to the curly label hole.  The hat is the 1.25 circle part on a trimmed word window.

Could you take the detective hat, moustache and vest and still have Man of Mystery?  I don't know, try it and see!

So if some of the complex punch art scares you - or you haven't invested in too many punches (is there such a thing as TOO many punches?) try making some of the parts and seeing if it is ENOUGH to convey your idea. 

Three circles stacked will always represent a snowman...

What can you come up with?


maryp said...

Next to the dwarves ... this HAS to be my favorite. Where, oh where, do you come up with these wonderful ideas? Definitely a punch genius.

Jeanette (Forest Ranger) said...

VERY creative!

Carolyn Sharkas said...

Hey, I like him, great man of mystery.