Wednesday, August 18, 2010

It is just like Paper Dolls!

Did you ever play Paper Dolls?

Many of you just scratched your head and are wondering what crazy thing I'm talking about, aren't you?

Well, back in the good old days, little girls actually used to play with dolls made out of paper.  Paper, not plastic. 

You had a base doll (usually cardboard) and paper "clothes" with little tabs to fold over the shoulders.  That is how you "dressed" them.  Rather low tech, but still very fine for the imagination. 

Paper dolls could go to school, get married, have careers and do all the same things that Barbies or Brats (or whatever dolls little girls play with these days) can do.  You just didn't spend much money on them. They weren't as durable.  And they didn't come with a "Dream House" (except the one in your very own dream). 

Playing with yesterday's owl chef reminded me of paper dolls because dressing him as another character was as easy as moving a bit of paper.

EXACT same owl - just changed his chef hat (whatever you call those) into a bowler from the 3/4 inch circle and a strip from the 1 inch circle as the brim.

You could do a Santa Hat - or a Top Hat - add a prop or two and this little guy can be sooooo many things.

Get those punches out and get playing!


Pixie said...

Love the texturing of your lil owl! I remember paper dolls...playing for hours, using my imagination. TFS

Beebeebabs said...

Sooo cute - made me smile tfs!!!

Susie McCormick said...

I loved paper dolls.. There was a girl in my 3 grade class that could draw and she would make them for us.. We would spend hours designing clothers for them! I think that was one of my first crafting experiences!

Stacy said...

I still have my paper dolls, they are one of my special possesions from childhood. Not that I have gotten them out in several years but they are tucked away for some other little girl to play with one day. Thanks for bringing up the fond memories.

Anonymous said...

Is that what they call a toque?...the hat that chefs wear?

CORSAI57 said...

Love the owl, but love the trip down memory lane better. Oh how I remember paper dolls and McCall's I think had monthly paper doll I have 2 sister so we had to share. I just love them.Thank you for the trip and inspiratiion.

Celeste said...

Loved my paper dolls! Your owl is adorable!