Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Twinkle Toes - Big Foot Part 2

I like it when a plan starts working....

I successfully completed a second BIG FOOT character so I CAN call it a series! 

This is what you call "taking joy in the little things".

Oh jeez, hush up Ellen, they don't need a positive thinking speech this morning - they came to see the punchin'!

Here 'tis...
The Thanks element opens up to read "That was tu-tu sweet!"

And here is some info on making Twinkle Toes:
Same face as Diver Dude from yesterday.
Added ears from tips of small oval
Changed hair to wide oval and added a 3/4 inch circle bun
Tutu is small oval and 1/2 inch circle
Arms and Legs are oval ring (large oval around small oval hole)
Toe Shoes:
  • Flesh part is large oval
  • Shoe part is large oval NEXT TO a small oval hole - if you hold your punch upside down you can see what you are getting.
  • Laces - punched the word window on the edge of the paper to get HALF of it - cut that  into smaller pieces to have laces

I used a black marker on all the Pink Pirouette  (I HAD to use this color with that name for a ballerina!)  to distinguish it from the blush blossom (retired) that I used for her skin.

We could hum a couple verses of Elton John's Tiny Dancer now, but I think these feet would disqualify her.


Anonymous said...

Love the Big Foot people. They are too cute.


Carolyn Gibbs said...

These are sooooo cool Ellen! Many "I am not worthy" bows at your feet!

lifesabeach32940 said...

I love your Big Foot Series. These are some seriously cute characters!! Judy

Whimcees said...


Love this sweet ballerina - you have another winning series entering your imagination and creativity! Clever way to use the small heart by the eyes!

Wishing you well!

Barbara Diane

Carolyn Sharkas said...

aww. she is so cute. I love her big feet, too. What an awesome idea!


Jamey said...

She is absolutely beautiful!