Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Halloween Punch Trifecta

Yes that's right ladies - today is the Halloween Punch Trifecta - you get 3 simple fun Halloween punch ideas all on one project.  And I sure hope you think they are all winners!

First I will reveal my own genius - using the new fabulous OWL punch, I give you the letter "e" as a cauldron!

So simple - punch your Owl - trim his feet down to one toe/claw per foot - and punch off  the top of his head with your handy dandy 1.25 circle punch.

Second, I will reveal someone else's genius - problem is, I can't remember whose!  I saw this in the last ten days or so - even left a comment and now I can't find it again (sob!) so if it is your idea PLEASE come claim the credit because it is so cute.  A clever someone gave us a  broom from the medium jewelry tag punch! I LOVE IT!  I used about 1/2 width word window for the broom handle.  Snipped the jewelry tag with scissors.

And the third thing is not as new and exciting but still handy - a witch hat.  You can make it with any piece of a circle and a scrap triangle but for sizing purposes this it the bottom of the owl breast (it was lying there after I punched the cauldron) and since it made a fine brim for the detective hat - it makes a fine brim for a witch hat.  Your witch hat can be a regular triangle - and pointed - or you can bend it over and cut a slit in it - reminiscent of the sorting hat in the Harry Potter tales. 

This recipe page uses the basic recipe for La Madeleine's' Tomato Basil Soup - altered for the Halloween theme into Bloody Basil Brew.

The spillage from the cauldron is a bit of the scallop oval punch.

Letters "r" and "w" are brought to you by the alphabet simple letter dies that SU sells

The letter "b" is brought to you by a combo of the broom AND the ring from a 1.75 circle punched around a 1.25 circle HOLE.

OF COURSE, this "brew" idea could easily be made into a recipe card for an adult beverage - or a coffee drink - or punch - whatever you like to serve at Halloween!


CarrieNixon said...

I LOVE it, and I LOVE Halloween!!!

Ellen Kemper said...

Carrie! Welcome home!!

Carol L said...

Totally FUN for Halloween!! Love it!

Ruby said...

Wow, just fun items you have created for us. Tks for sharing will have to add these to the ever-growing file of Blinkin', Thinkin' & Inkin' creations!

maryp said...

You have just confirmed your place as the all time punch genius. wow-oh-wow! Thanks...
PS. the recipe sounds fabulous ..

slbt17 said...

very clever!

Carolyn Sharkas said...

Hey, I really like this, and I'm not a big Halloween fan, since my kids are older now, but this is too cute.


Laura Lipe, Pisgah Forest, NC said...

This is just darling!! I love it all!! Smiles, Laura

Cindee Wilkinson said...

WOW! So cute! Love how you made the cauldron. Another reason for our customers to need the owl punch. So glad I already own it. And the broom, who would of thunk, a broom.

Thanks for sharing,