Thursday, August 19, 2010

Famous Feline (yep, another one)

Time for another famous kitty.

I've done Garfield, Felix, and Pink Panther but a request from Marisol of  A Touch of Sol  asking if I had ever done anything from Dr. Seuss led to this... 

Now, don't go "googling" Cat in the Hat images  - you'll be disappointed in me because I am missing some parts. 

His face isn't exactly right,  I didn't include his ear or mouth - but I was given some advice to "keep it simple and clean and don't drive yourself crazy" so... he is what he is.

And since I think you will like him even with his flaws, I prepared some "how to" photos.

Punch List
1 inch circle
large oval
small oval
word window
heart to heart
circle from itty bitty punch pack  (If you don't have this yet -you can use the tip of the word window)

Hat and Bow-tie first:
Neck is half of a word window (sponge with gray ink)
Bow tie is two narrow Heart to Hearts, one small Heart to Heart and the circle from the itty bitty punch pack
I recommend outlining each of these pieces with a black marker

Hat brim is a small oval punched next to a small oval hole (outline in black)
Support pieces to assemble hat - 2 word windows (can be any color)
Hat parts are three red and two white -1 inch circle punches - trim "flattish" on each side - in the photo below I show one of these on a green circle so you can see what I mean - the cuts don't need to be perfectly straight, even or exactly parallel - just relax and cut. (outline in black)
 This photo show hat assembly in progress - I just ran adhesive down the word windows and overlapped each circle part slightly.
Next the face:
One Large oval and one small oval
Overlap the ovals as shown - trim off the excess on the left side of the small oval.
Add some gray sponging and outline in black (outline AFTER assembly - you don't want a line all the way around the small oval)
Now the eyes:
Punch 2 circles from the itty bitty punch pack
Stick them on the sticky part of a post-it note
Repunch as shown in the photo below.
 Remove from post-it and outline in black.
Add a little "u" shape in his eyes with a fine tip maker.
Snip a TINY bit with your circle punch at the corner of a black scrap paper for his nose - this will need to be adhered with glue pen (too small for my preferred mini glue dots)
And that is all I have to say
He's ready for a day of play

Alas, there's no more silly rhyme
Because this girl's run out of time


slbt17 said...

wonderful! thanks for sharing!

Veronica said...

I love him!

Pixie said...

Adorable...even flawed! lol

Whimcees said...


He is exactly right! Love him! You continue to be amazing!

Wishing you well!


Barbara Diane

Ruby said...

Great job! I think you captured his face and the hat nails the whole picture. Tks for sharing!

Linda Rodenberg said...

Ellen, I LOVE your punch art! Keep them coming :)

Anonymous said...

Ellen, you can do it with a Punch
You have based on someone's Hunch
And we know you thought about it all during your Lunch
Munch Munch Munch
Dr. Seuss would be Proud
We all can shout this Out Loud.

Because Ellen you are the greatest
and without you we all would be Stinkin * because we love your ideas*
So please continue on with Blinkin Thinkin and Inkin.

I love what you do, you are so so creative..
Thank you again for being you.

Thank you again
Patricia Ansaldo
PS I don't eat green eggs and Ham.

Ellen Kemper said...


Very Creative Patricia!

A Touch of SOL said...

Ellen...Queen of Punch Art...I bow down to you...I am on my knees...Thank you so much! You ROCK VC Sister...
Marisol Gutierrez