Monday, August 2, 2010

Halloween Thoughts

So.... I've accepted that the calendar reads August.
I've admitted I'm only ready for mid March.
But worst of all - now I'm being FORCED to think Halloween!

My dearest upline, sidelines, and downline are meeting tonight and our shoebox swap is "Anything Halloween". 

Mine isn't finished (yet) so you won't see it until tomorrow but I can show you part of a reject project - nothing wrong with it - it just didn't fit the final "thing".

Remember Wino Kitty?

I altered her to become a black cat for Halloween

For Halloween (or anytime you need a black cat... maybe you are superstitious and need to make a Book of Me Scrapbook page about it?)

Wino Kitty directions are HERE

The changes I made were:

Lose the arms - assume her front paws are straight down her body

Add a tail - you can make one by punching any oval near the edge of a circle or oval hole - this particular tail is the wing from the two step bird around a word window HOLE - that just happened to be what I grabbed.

For the whiskers - instead of drawing - I took a small rectangle and fringed in with scissors on each side then just bunched it up in the middle and stuck it on with a glue dot.  Punched a nose with part of the 1/2 inch circle on the corner of a piece of scrap black.

Instead of drawing on the eyes - I used the 1/2 inch circle in white, trimmed flat- and a tiny scrap of old olive for eye.   If you will punch 2 circles and lay them on top and trim both at the same time - you will have a LOT better change of getting your eyes the same size.  (Voice of experience)

The eye slits are so thin I can't use my "preferred" mini glue dots to attach - this is one of the FEW times I am forced to pull out a glue pen.

And don't forget to add some highlights with your white gel pen - it REALLY makes a difference.  Doesn't seem like it would but TRUST ME - if you don't have a white gel pen GO ORDER ONE RIGHT NOW.  (sorry for screaming but I mean it)

If you shape the eyes differently or add eyebrows - you can change the "mood" of the cat.  Look HERE for a lesson in eyes.

By the way - you might want to go back and check out the comments on the Wino Kitty - that was the post where I asked for sentiment ideas - Carol came up with my favorite (from MANY great suggestions).  Hers was "Only one glass of wine -- another CATastrophe!!!"


slbt17 said...


Whimcees said...


Love the cat! Your post on the eyes is still one of my favorites - it made the most creative Halloween cards!

Wishing you a great Monday!


Barbara Diane

Loni said...

Oh yes, CATS with ATTITUDE... Love Em, Loni

Carolyn Sharkas said...

Aww, he is so cute, Ellen, I love kitties, even evil ones, lol


Carey said...

Very cute. I think this is a perfect Halloween card. I don't have a lot of Halloween stamps so I have to improvise. Thanks for the inspiration that you always give me.

Roscoe's mommy

Patty Sue 2 said...

This is adoreable I can't wait to try it!