Saturday, October 3, 2009

Blog Babe goes Wicked

I knew that eventually I'd take the butterfly blog babes in another direction and here it is.

Blog babe turned Wicked.  If you haven't seen the musical "Wicked" yet, you need to take a trip to a city where it is playing and buy your ticket.  Wicked is the Wizard of Oz  tale told from a different perspective and Elphaba, the Wicked Witch of the West, is the protagonist.  Warning: the soundtrack is totally addicting - you might be humming show tunes for weeks. 

This punch creature is of course not a direct take on Elphaba but the witch with green skin sure was the big influence.  And just because I am pretty sure someone will ask - here is a quick how to. 

Make the blog babe - with the following differences:

• 4 large ovals for skirt

• 1 word window for straight leg

• 1 heart to heart (like arms) for bent leg

• 2 Five petal flowers for boots - cut similar to shoes on blog babe but leave more on the top to make it a boot not a pump.

• Free hand triangle for top of hat - the rest is large and small ovals similar to crow hat.

• Broom is strip from paper trimmer and large oval trimmed with oval scallop

• Hand is trio flower (trimmed)

Baroque Motifs is the stamp on her skirt and hat - embossed with clear embossing powder

I don't expect to have Halloween photos to go with this creation so I'll probably use her when I get around to scrapping my Chicago trip (where I saw Wicked)

Paper dolls for scrapbooks went out of style several years ago but I still like them.  And goodness knows I've got stuff even more out of date than paper dolls in my stash. Some gals have a "Shopping for Scrapping Stuff" issue  (Tri S) - but I'm not going to name names... 

Tri S - sounds like a Sorority - are you member?


lifesabeach32940 said...

LOL ~ I'm not a member of TriS ... I'm the PRESIDENT!! :)

OMG!! She is AWESOME!! Paperdolls might have gone out of style for scrapbooks, but my grandaughter doesn't know that, so I still use them. This creation though would NEVER go out of style. She is FANTASTIC!! You deserve the title QUEEN OF THE PUNCHES!! WOW!!

jody said...

Wow! She is awesome! You are so talented and I just love how you share your creations. Thanks for being so creative and keep those juices flowing.

Carolyn Sharkas said...

Ok, did you use a picture of me for your inspiration on her? I know I recognize those shoes, lol.

Another adorable one, Ellen, thanks for sharing, and for letting me know my blog was ready for posting. I really shouldn't do this stuff at 11.58 PM the night before.

Carolyn Gibbs said...

Why didn't I see this before??? Seriously AWESOME! Love it!