Wednesday, December 30, 2009


I like to post silly polls on the blog.  Y'all get a glimpse into my life from all my blathering along side my projects.  Polls give me a tiny glimpse into yours. 

Comments are better glimpses since I actual get to read what you like or what you want or what strikes you as funny or what awesome idea you have...  but too many of you don't like to leave them.  How about making that one of your New Year resolutions?  Leave a blogger a comment - once a week.  That really isn't a hard one - bet you could even keep it until February or so...

I know some people are really serious about their resolutions.  I went to a party in December a few years ago and met a woman who had given up chocolate as her resolution and she had KEPT IT!  Seriously, this girl had eaten no chocolate for 11 1/2 months.  Of course she was a tiny little thing and obviously already had plenty of self discipline but SERIOUSLY?  No chocolate all year?   I share this story so you will realize that resolving to leave blog comments is a very reasonable plan.

Me?  I think resolving to improve ourselves or our homes or our world is fabulous BUT I'm not hung up on timing my resolutions with the start of a new year.  I prefer to think of each day as a new start.  And sometimes, while dieting, daily won't do - I have to take things one meal at a time.  I have a weight loss bet with one of hubby's best friends - who can lose the most (% loss) in one year.  I should have mine off before then, but the year he wants to lose his weight will make me work at keeping mine off.  Dec. 26 next year will be our weigh in.

Whatever you decide about New Year resolutions I hope you will come visit Blinkin' Thinkin' & Inkin on a regular basis this next year, bring your silly heart, order some punches from your SU demo (or me) and have MUCH fun as we keep on playing with colored paper!

Stay safe with all those party people on the roads Thursday night!

Good bye to 2009

Talk to you next year...


Jacklyn said...

I just want to say I visit your blog everyday and am always thrilled with your creations and usually quiet entertained by your posts. Thank you so much for allowing us a peek into your life and sharing your talents with us.... many wishes for a Blessed New Year.

rebecca said...

I leave your blog feeling all "punchy"...wonder why??? YOur creations and imagination are awesome...and I too resolve to leave more comments...and hope that some are your blog...on my fav's...everyday.

Anonymous said...

I love your creativity. I see what you have done and think wow, I nebver saw the shape in that way befor. I read your blog updates through google reader, a great way to see updates. Looking forward to your crafty creativity in 2010.


Linda Callahan said...

Do you have special glasses that turns images you see into punchy shapes??? If so I'd like a pair! Love the sands of time this guy is carrying!

Anonymous said...

I have just found your blog in the last couple of days and am a new SU demo in NZ and i LOVE what you have done with the punches, it is great to see someone use them to make such awesome punch art!

Becky said...

He is awsome! Just wanted to say, your work is awsome! You are an inspiration to everyone who visits your site. I look forward to your blog every morning before I go to work. You make me laugh. You are to funny! You have a wonderful personality! I just wish more people were like you. You have a wonderful New Years Eve and yes, I'll see you next year!!

Kriss said...

I look forward every morning to see what you have posted. I have used some of your creations for a "Just Punch Art Class". It was loved by everyone and they wanted to know when I was offering another one. I guess I better get busy in the New Year:) Thanks for sharing your talent of how to look at the punches in a new and exciting way. You keep me laughing. May the New Year bring you many goo d things into your life!

Anonymous said...

You are awesome with those punches! I especially like the dwarfs and will have to work on those as my 2 year old granddaughter is into Snow White and her dwarfs right now! Thanks so much for sharing and have a great New Year!
Ilene B.

Migdalia said...

I visit your blog every day, as well and I think you are AWESOME with those punches! I look forward to see what you come up with next..Thanks for sharing your talent with those of us, who are not so "talented"!

Jessica said...

Hi Ellen,
I was on Splitcoast last week before Christmas and the UPS Santa popped up on newly uploaded. I called my friend in NM immediately as her son and husband are UPS guys and she dabbles in SU. Seeing that made me come back to it yesterday and I eventually made it to your blog. I spent ALL DAY catching up from your beginning! I have collected punches along the way as a demonstrator but your ideas made me put all of them on my wish list! Keep doing what you are doing and we'll keep posting comments!!

Traverse City, MI

Whimcees said...

Hello Ellen!

I visit your blog every day and although I don't always leave a comment, I never miss checking to see what you are creating!

Wishing you a very HAPPY NEW YEAR! and all good things in 2010!

Barbara Diane

Loni said...

Love U Ellen!!!

kathleenh said...

Ellen, I LOVE your New Year's baby and Father Time! I'm going use these for my New Year's scrapbooking! A very Happy New Year to you and yours!

Carey said...

Happy New Year. I love visiting your blog and lots of others every day. I don't always leave a comment but do think of you and love everything you make. My New Year's Goals are to stamp more, to enter at least one challenge a month (gotta start somewhere), make and send all my own Christmas cards for 2010. I think these are all good goals and attainable.

aka Roscoe's mommy

Carolyn Sharkas said...

Well, you know I will be here, no matter what. Even if I didn't enjoy your blog so much, I would be here as that's what friends are for.

Father Time is amazing! so much work put into that one. The lantern is so perfect, too.

Hugs and Happy New Year to you and the family.