Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Three Stooges

Do you (or did you) have TV shows that your kids can't watch?

What am I asking?  OF COURSE you have shows your kids can't watch - I can't even watch some of what is on the tube.

My Mom had it easier back in the old days.  She only had to monitor four channels and they weren't even on 24 hours a day.  The Star Spangled Banner played around midnight and then all you could see was fuzz. (yes, I am older than dirt)

Still, Mom managed to find one show that was offensive to her - a local guy named Icky Twerp who introduced the Three Stooges to us on Channel 11 KTVT - he had a show called Slam Bang Theater - (oh the details I can remember!).  We were not allowed to watch.  Well honestly, I wouldn't have wanted to watch but because she was against it - that is exactly what I wanted to see! (Normal kid, huh?)  We watched at the neighbors every chance we got.

Hadn't thought of that in years but it came rushing back when I got an email request from Debby McGillivray late last week saying "My son was looking through all your punched artwork and fell in love. He wants to know if you could do Larry, Moe and Curly from the Three Stooges. He said if anyone can come up with punched ones it would be you".  Her son is 22. 

Girls, I thought the only thing I ever made that a 22 year old guy would care to look at was my 21 year old daughter. (grin)  If this young man cared enough to look at my punch stuff then I sure as heck am gonna punch him some Stooges!

It was harder than I thought - they had so many wild facial expressions!  I hope this captures some of what Debby's son wanted.  It was fun trying.

Moe and Larry - wide oval heads
Curly's head- 1.75 circle
Moe's hair - 1.75 circle
Curly's hair - sponged on
Larry's hair - scallop ovals, re-punched to make smaller
Moe's nose - small Heart to Heart with bumps cut off
Curly's nose - 1/2 inch circle then snipped straight on both sides angling just a little to be smaller on the top
Larry's nose - leaf from Two Step Bird
All eyes are white and black standard hole punch offset so you can see a bit of the white
All eyebrows are slot punch - Moe, cut in half - Curly cut in half again
All mouths are standard hole punch - cut for Larry and Curly
Curly's ears are small Heart to Heart

Now I need to ask my Mom what was "so awful" about the Three Stooges...


Michelle F. said...

These, as all of them are, are GREAT!!!!!

Carey said...

You captured them beautifully. We weren't allowed to watch them either. They were too violent according to my mom. When I look back at them as an adult now they are pretty mean to each other. But I love what you have done with them.

Carey Rogers
aka Roscoe's mommy

Veronica said...

OMG Those are so great! But what else would we expect from the High Priestess of Punch? Funny post, too.

Debby said...

Ellen he loves them, Chris said great job, think I will work these up for a scrapbook page for him to. Thanks for doing these for him. I guess I didn't mind my son watching them because it was much better than some of the filth on tv.
He said he is going to keep watching to see what else you come up with. Me I love the 7 Dwarfs one of my favorite Disney movies. I have done one or two for paper piecings and gave them away, wish I would of kept them now.

Ellen Kemper said...

I'm so glad he was happy with them. Slapstick humor in the 50s and 60s - how bad could it have been? I don't remember any of it - I just watched 'cuz I wasn't supposed to.

Carolyn Sharkas said...

Oh, I was allowed to watch them, but only if my parents didn't know, lol. which was almost never. Love them punched, though. They really did some damage to each other, didn't they? lol.


Anonymous said...

nuk, nuk, nuk..... These are great!

Linda Callahan said...

Amazing stooges! Is that an oxymoron?