Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Firefighter Guy

I decapitated the Stefan/Demo/Dentist trying to give him yet another career as a firefighter -but his head was too wide for my helmet.  Sorry for that unnecessary pain, Stefan.

This it to fulfill a request from Kellie Paxton because two of her "guys" are firefighters.

Here are the details so she (and you) can recreate him:

Helmet - large oval, wide oval and a piece of the ornament punch (could be cut by hand)
Head - large oval, 1.25 circle trimmed
Ears - word window
nose - 1/2 circle
Eyes - standard hole punch
Mustache - tip of the butterfly punch
Eyebrows - slot punch

Black shirt -large oval trimmed flat at bottom
Coat - wild oval cut in half and separated by the shirt
Coat collar - word window trimmed
Coat fasteners - word window around slot punch hole, re-trimmed with word window
Arms - word window folded
Gloves - heart to heart trimmed
Pants - wide ring from wide oval punched around small oval hole trimmed to make legs
Boots - butterfly punch trimmed

Hose - ring from 1.75 circle punched around smaller circle hole, snipped and folded
Hose spout - hand trimmed piece with bit of slot punch on end
Water - modern label punch trimmed

I meant to stamp a number on the red part of his helmet but forgot to do it before I snapped the photo.  My favorite number is five so that will be his number (if I ever get around to it)

Hope this helps you out Kellie!


Kellie Paxton said...

You are awesome! That was quick...I new if anyone could do it, it would be you! Thanks so much!

Whimcees said...

Your creativity IS endless! :<)

Can I still hope for a Snow White?

Wishing you a good day today!

Barbara Diane

Jessica said...

I love this!! Perfect for my brother-in-law. I'll have to show it to my friend who works with the firefighters!!

Ellen Kemper said...

Snow White is a little dainty to make with punches but I will add her to the growing list of wishes!


CarrieNixon said...

What can we do for you?!?! For sharing all of this extraoridnary creativity? I know you like feedback, but wish we could do something for you!!!

CarrieNixon said...

* extraordinary

Ellen Kemper said...

Cash and Prizes?

just kidding...

Anonymous said...

isn't this guy something else! awesome Ellen! cash and prizes? how 'bout more punches?! lol
Pam Going Postal

CarrieNixon said...


Why not offer kits or something? I'd support you for sure. I dunno... I'll think of somethin'!

Carolyn Sharkas said...

what a hottie, lol. great firefighter, Ellen.


Carol said...

He's brilliant Ellen thankyou so much for sharing him with all of us.

Anonymous said...

I love the fireman...superb punching Ellen!!!


Jenn said...

I knew you would have the perfect punch fireman for a thank you card! It will post on my stamp blog Thursday morning. Thanks for your inspiration once again!

Lisa Minckler said...

Yeah!!! My hubby is a firefighter and I would love to make one of these. Thank you SO much!!! :)
I did use your inspiration to make Betty Boop already and that was a hoot. I'm sure this will be even more fun!!

Kerry Bunting said...

I have been asked to make a fireman card for a little boy turning 3 who has cancer and this is just perfect. Thanks so much for listing the punches, can't wait to get started.