Monday, January 18, 2010

Another Guy...

Isn't it awesome how sharing your creativity just generates more?

I made the UPS guy (based on a request from Brenda Workman)
Lynn Pratt made a Lady Stamper (based on my UPS guy) - Love her project - FABULOUS idea!  When you see it you will want to make one RIGHT THEN   (I want the Lady Stamper shoes! Not so much the hips...)
During my punch time Sunday afternoon, I made this Male Stamper (using Lynn's apron and a request from Stefen Brock)

Stefen Brock is a Stampin' Up! demo and I think he was feeling that the 'SU guys' were being left out.  This is loosely based on the photo I had him send me.  I 'borrowed' Tess's punch from the new Totally Tess set in the spring mini catalog for paper "Stefen" to use.

If you read the UPS guy and Lynn's Lady Stamper posts, I think you can figure out how I made him.  Changes are Modern label punch for his khaki (kraft) pants - trimmed off the bumps at the bottom.  His spiky hair is a part of the scallop oval with the tip of the small star used on the scallops.   His nose is like Curly's in the Three Stooges post.  Eyes are standard hole punch.  Facial hair was sponged on.

Now I realize not that many of you have need of a "male stamper" but put a white apron and a knife in his hand and you have a butcher.  Or put an orange apron and a tool in his hand and you have a Home Depot guy.  Or give him another apron and some tongs and make him your husband at the grill.  Use your imagination. 

Someone send me a photo where they turned the UPS guy into a mechanic for a GREAT card for their son.  I'm trying desperately to find where I saved it!  Double drats and darn it, I appear to have hidden it from myself.

When I find it, I will ask her if I can share it.  Dear Mechanic's Mama, if it is OK for me to post the photo of the card, would you please share it again with the old crazy blogger who misplaced it?  Thanks!

And yes, this uses the ornament punch which is not available at this time.  If you want it, contact SU and request that they put it in the next catalog.  It can't hurt to ask.

Thanks for all your positive thoughts on the health front.  A little good news is trickling in.  And dear sweet hubby is taking night nurse duty tonight.  I think I am "off duty" until 8ish tomorrow morning.  Yeah!


CarrieNixon said...

K, this is another fave of mine....right along with Santa in jammies, and the draw bridge. Although, Jay and Conan were awesome too. I love it all. This hair is blowing my mind! All the guys in my house spike their bangs up in the front... I'll be using this all the time! <3 Thanks for sharing this!

And, I think you should order Tess.... she's my fave stamp set, and think she'll be very versatile...

Ellen Kemper said...

I did order Tess!!! I just borrowed the punch stamp from Tess so Stefan could use it.

Of course, the PUNCH stamp had to be the first one to get ink on it RIGHT?

Any rubber stamp that promotes PUNCHES must be purchased!

Glad you liked him.

Whimcees said...

Friday's, Sunday's, Today's post - they are all wonderful! You are such a talented and creative paper punch artist! :<)

Wishing you a great week!

Barbara Diane

Anonymous said...

Great job. Please make anything for men such as UPS man and others instead women. Keep up good work.

Carolyn Sharkas said...

What a handsome stamper! Another great one. Glad things are going better healthwise. I have been thinking about you.


RuthieB said...

Congratulations! I just wanted you to know that your project will appear on the Yahoo Group Late Night Stamper’s blog finds of the day for January 20th. Want to receive your own copy of the blog finds of the day? Join us at or visit our Blog Finds of the Day Blog at

Lynn Pratt said...

I love the eyebrows!!

Anonymous said...

The ornament punch IS available under catty write ins and corrections and it will be in the next catty. See demo announcement for Feb 17th-ish.
Teri Haux

Ellen Kemper said...

Yes! We got the good news and I have already sold some this week as write in items.

Thank you SU!!!!