Saturday, January 23, 2010

The Sailor's Sweetheart

I got a chance to punch Olive Oyl

She is made to a different scale than Popeye, so it is hard to put them together on a project...
Here she is up against his card - see? - she is too small.

The idea I had was to make a long card (business envelope) and have Olive with a thought bubble above her head - with Popeye's head in the bubble.  That is why I gave her the popped up heart on her shirt.  But I ran out of time.  Parental Health Crisis strikes again.

Do your best to imagine it and I'll punch again when I can.


Anonymous said...

I absolutely love your punch creativity. I do have a question about your punches. How do you store them? I have mine hanging on a curtain rod, however, because I "stalk" your blog daily, I now have purchased lots more punches. (It's all your fault!) :) Any ideas for me?

Anonymous said...

Ellen I think you are absolutely fabulous with your creative ideas. I look forward each day to see what you have come up with next.

Anonymous said...

Ellen, I visit your blogg first thing every morning to see what fun thing you have dreamed up! Thanks so much for sharing your talent. Keep on punching.
Rose Reynolds
Burleson Tx

Anonymous said...

Fantastic job with Olive Oly. I loved it. I didnt want to miss your blog everyday. Don't stop punching. Just keep going.

Robbe said... that an ad someone has stuck in your comments?? :\
Olive is the card too.Great for Valentine's Day :)
Have you used the new bird (flat) punch for anything much as of yet?

Carolyn Sharkas said...

Ellen, she is perfect! And I kinda like her beside him, even with him being much bigger. He is bigger than life,'s the spinach.


Creations by Patti said...

Ellen, this is so cute - of course, Popeye needs his Olive. OOOOH soooo cute - lovin it!!! Thank you for sharing. Best, P

Anonymous said...

This is the most fun place! Alene

Ellen Kemper said...

Answers to questions:

My desk is out in the open of our living area so my punches are in drawers. Desk drawers for most used and plastic storage drawers for retired or "other" punches. I would do the curtain rod thing if I had walls but I don't. Buy more curtain rods would be my best idea for you.

The new bird punch? I have used the leaves and the wing but not the bird yet. I have a "uses Two Step Bird" catagory on the right side of the blog so you can click there to see what I have done so far. I have a couple of ideas floating in my head for the bird but haven't gotten them to paper yet.

Yes someone stuck an ad in on my comments and I deleted it as soon as I got home from parental crisis nursing. I will have to add one of those "type in the character" things or approve all comments if this keeps up. Sorry for the ad and I hope the spammers will cut it out.

Carrie Rhoades said...

I don't know how you do it! She is perfect! Wow, everyday you WOW me with something new!
Love it!

Whimcees said...

Oh, you did Olive Oyl! I love her! And you can see how she loves the Popeye guy!

You are inspiring and bring a smile to this person's face no matter what the day holds! :<)

Barbara Diane

Wanda said...

I agree with Carolyn, I think Olive Oyl looks great just where she is on that card. Love it - not sure what your post is about though - the later post. But I have 2 extra hangers and will send you one of them for some of your punches. I can't remember where I got them; they are smaller than the one I'm using - but it could help you. I think they have a hanger to hang somewhere. It will go out tomorrow. Thanks for sharing Olive Oyl and Popeye.

Sharon Field / Inky A*Muse-ment said...

LOVE Olive Oyl and Popeye!! Too funny! What a great valentine card!

Anonymous said...

I think Olive Oyl on that card makes it look like she's looking at a large picture of Popeye on the wall - looks good even though they aren't the size (yet!) that you wanted them to be. Love your work! June