Friday, January 8, 2010

More White Beards - Get your Grump On

For my "get well basket" project using Grumpy, I decided to include some pain reliever 'for when you are feeling Grumpy'.  I picked up a little sample size pack at the drugstore check out and cleverly attached it to a little card like this:

A slot punch and ribbon - a very low tech solution.
Used red sticky strip to secure this flap to the card base
See photo below:

Here is the scoop on making Grumpy...

Click to see the photo larger and read the words

Chocolate Chip - wide oval (not the large oval shown in the photo), HOLE from a large oval punched with a wide oval to get the hat edge

Blush Blossom - 1 inch circle, leaf from Two Step Bird, Small Oval

White - two Scallop Oval, re-punch one of them as shown, smallest heart from Heart to Heart

Black - two standard hole punch, HOLE from narrow heart in Heart to Heart -->>  move punch up from the hole and punch to get the narrow sliver for eyebrows, toss the black heart and scrap shown in the photo

Sponge Bravo Burgundy ink around the nose
Place the black of the eye at the TOP of the heart - add white highlight with gel pen
Layer beard parts as shown

Almost assembled but gosh, he doesn't look Grumpy yet!  That is because the EYEBROWS are the key to his personality.

 NOW he is grumpy!

Nose is popped up on a dimensional.

I like Grumpy - he may be my fave of the punched dwarfs - I just don't want to look or act like him.  But I guess keeping those eyebrows plucked would make anyone grumpy.  (grin)


Kim Jenkins said...

Super cute - your entire site is awesome, thanks for sharing.

CarrieNixon said...

Ellen, he is soooooo cute! I love this one! My grandson (stepdaughter's baby, my 12 year old is not even close to becoming a parent!!!)will be calling my husband "Grumpy" rather than Grampy, because it better suits him. :) This will be awesome for a page with them together!!!!! THANKS SO MUCH!

Ruth Norton said...

Wow! As a punch lover and a Disney lover I am LOVING these dwarfs!! I can't wait to see the rest of them in your 'get well basket!' You're site is A-MA-ZING!! I love it all!!! Thanks for sharing your awesome work!

Whimcees said...

I love these little men! You have gone above and beyond with the dwarfs! :<)

Barbara Diane

Carolyn Sharkas said...

Wonder why there isn't a female version of the seven dwarfs, I'm not sure but right now I may either be Grumpy or Sneezy, not sure which one, lol. He is really cool, Clem. I need to find time to play.


Wanda M. said...

Oh Ellen, thanks for providing the instructions on making this. He's so cute - great idea for someone sick - love that you decorated the Campbell's soup too. Just checking out your blog again (since I can't get updates) and you have been busy girl. You are so great to come up with all these punched images and sharing them with us all. Hope you are doing well - and glad the snow is gone out there. It's going to be around 40's for the next week - and maybe in high 50's a few days - that's going to be a change for sure. TFS

Marisa said...

Your dwarfs are ADORABLE!!! Thanks for the instructions on how to make them. You are a genius!