Thursday, January 7, 2010

More White Beards - Just what the Doc ordered

Woo hoo!  Back to PUNCH ART today!

I know some of you were disappointed that the blog focus wasn't punch stuff the past few days - but giving you all that scrapbook yakking (a class I had already prepared for something else) gave me
  • time to spend with college girl (she left yesterday afternoon)
  • AND gave me time to work up some new punch stuff,
  • AND hopefully helped the three of you who actually read through ALL those words!
This dwarf project is moving slowly, not because I don't WANT to show you, but because my "cleverness"  only relates to punching stuff NOT finishing projects.

I finally came up with a way to use Doc.  (Remember, I'm trying to use the dwarfs in unique ways to make a "get well" basket...)

What do you think?  Will that work? Oh, who cares! - you just came for the tutorial anyway, right? (grin)

Here is a "how to" for Doc.

  • More Mustard - full heart (trimmed with scissors) and large oval HOLE punched with wide oval
  • Blush Blossom - 1 inch circle, 1/2 inch circle, small oval
  • Basic Black - two standard hole punch
  • Vellum, sponged with bashful blue - two standard hole punch
  • White - smallest heart in Heart to Heart

Click on the photo in order to read the words

Add pen marks for folds on hat, eyebrows, glasses "ear pieces"
MAKE SURE you get your black eyes CLOSE (as in overlapping) because the glasses will go on the outside of the black parts.  Add white highlight with gel pen.
I sponged just a little bravo burgundy on the top of his nose.

To attach the glasses - I rolled up a mini glue dot and stuck that wad at the bottom of his eyes - so your glasses are just attached at the very bottom of the 'lens'.  This glue wad will show a little bit now but will be covered by his cheeks and nose.

I drew on a smile but it is not noticeable with the nose attached so you can skip that if you want.

You might notice my "fold" lines are a bit thick on the right Doc - I opened the wrong end of my stampin' write journal pen.  Oops!

I have "ideas" for most of the dwarfs - I just have to execute them. (Execute: To perform or carry out what is required  i.e., make the projects NOT execute- as in kill the dwarfs).

But I need HELP on one.  I'm struggling with a way to use Bashful in the basket.  The best I've got so far is putting him on a card and saying "Don't be Bashful, call me if you need anything".   Any better ideas out there? 


Anonymous said...

Okay, I confess - I was one of the 3 who read all the way through your scrapbooking notes. I really enjoyed your information because I do occasionally go away to scrap. Thank You! As for Bashful, I think the card would be a good way to use him.

lifesabeach32940 said...

LOL ~ I was the second of the three who read all the way through your scrapbooking advice. I have never scrapped away from home, but I still found it extremely informative. You know me ... I just LOVE your blog!! :) Your dwarf series is AWESOME, and I love the two ideas you've had so far for using them. I have no ideas for using bashful, as YOU are MY inspiration fairy. I DO KNOW that I will LOVE whatever you come up with. :)

CarrieNixon said...

I'm #3! But I bet I read 'em al first! :) Kidding.... but I LOVE LOVE LOVE this blog!

I think the Bashful card idea is fantastic!

mary p said...

Make it four ... I also read your scrapbooking advice. I enjoy your blog and LOVE the punched creations. Kudos to you.

Donna D from Ottawa said...

Ha ha... I read it (and loved it) too! We are going to make it to at least six, I'll bet!
What about using bashful for a new neighbour gift - "Don't be bashful to ask, if there is anything I can do to help..." Or "Feeling a bit "bashful" about your "X" (insert mammogram, vasectomy, promotion) whatever might make some people feel a bit shy/emberassed?? Guess that would all depend on how well you know the card recipient though... hmmm back to the idea board...

Ruby from VA said...

I only have one word... Genius and clever.. ok two words. Love your blog, amazing what can be done with punches!

Lucy said...

How about putting small red hearts coming from his head, in love, but bashful about it. Maybe with some 'kisses candy' in a cellophane bag having Bashful on a cover for the top of the bag?

Ellen Kemper said...

Oh wow you ladies are great with ideas - these and some that were emailed to me. Can't wait to use some of them. BUT I am specifically looking for ideas that relate to a GET WELL basket and using Bashful.

I'm loving these other ideas too so keep them ALL coming!

Maybe I should just punch stuff and let you all tell me how to finish the projects - WOW that is a genious idea!

CarrieNixon said...

LOVE your polls! :)

Unknown said...

I too, read all the way through the scrapbooking ideas. I frequently go out to crop. And I admit, I am not organized when I go. Love your blog and your writing style. Love to laugh!:-) Keep The ideas flowing. I love borders and punch art.

Lucy said...

I still say my idea could work on a get well basket, because anyone who is has been sick knows they need 'TLC' or some loving whether they be a man or woman who is receiving the basket with goodies. And if chocolate doesn't show that love, nothing will, not even 'soup'! Also Bashful is very childlike trying to steal kisses from Snow White.

Ellen Kemper said...

Good point Lucy! Bashful may just be more useful than I ever imagined.

Carolyn Sharkas said...

OMG! This is just too funny. I LOVE it! You always amaze me, my friend, no matter what you do. I can see why the inspiration fairy hasn't come my way, cuz she is still really busy in Texas, lol.

Bashful...I love the "don't be Bashful, if u need help just call".
I think that is a perfect caption for a card or a bookmark, to go in a small paperback or magazine to read while they are feeling bad.

CarrieNixon said...

Great idea about the magazine/book!!!!!!

Carey said...

OK, I am holding my hand up and being counted in as someone that read all of your ideas. Plus I remember them from the first time around. You are way too smart and creative for me. Hey I found a good way to think of making a punch Roscoe. A puff ball of snow with a black fluffy tail. He is just loving the snow.

aka Roscoe's mommy

Nancy Ward said...


Wanted you to know I posted a link to this tutorial today on my blog, PaperFriendly.

Nancy Ward

Noreen said...

Cute idea - it should bring a smile to an invalid!

Stampingcountry said...

Wow, you really are the queen of punch art.