Friday, January 22, 2010

Career Change

Sometimes it is bad to make requests.  Stefan Brock got himself immortalized as a male stamper but then he got himself decapitated into a career change....

I beheaded him so I could use it when Robbe requested help with a Dentist...

I hope that wasn't too painful Stefan.  At least you know what you would look like if you want to be a Dentist for Halloween next year.

All the same as the Another Guy post except
The body is the 1.75 circle - cut to flatten, with closure and buttons drawn
Sleeves changed to white
Lost his apron and punch
Head lamp - 3/4 circle and standard hole punch
New watch, same brand (grin)

Oh and I found the Mechanic I wanted to show you.  The reason I couldn't find the photo was that it didn't come as an attachment - it is a link here - so so so cute!


Robbe said...

Awe Ellen he is perfect!! Thank you very much for making this guy for me! :):) you so wonderfully talented and very kind to do this for me.
Have a grand weekend.

Anonymous said...

amazing how a few changes results in such a great transformation


Rebecca said...

Great. I'm glad you made something for men. Good job.

Carolyn Sharkas said...

Hey, a dentist! who would have thought to make one of those? He is really cute, though, I wish I had a
dentist that looked like that. lol

Have a great day.

CarrieNixon said...

Again... AMAZING! Have a great weekend!