Monday, January 4, 2010

Get a Ton Done - Part 3 - Packing

Packing is an art.  Hubby travels internationally for business and can pack and leave at the drop of a hat for just about any climate or condition.  If I go on a trip I make lists and try on clothes and shop and make a huge production of packing - all because I don't do it frequently.

Since I have learned to scrap away from home, let me give you some packing tips...

You have your photos and paper ready to roll because you are all pre-planned right?  But you need more than that.  Here are my suggestions:

1) Basic Tools
  • Paper Trimmer, scissors
  • Adhesive (I take tape runner, glue pen and glue dots)
  • Ind pads/markers/stamp cleaner - you should have a good idea what colors to pack since you have your paper chosen - you DON'T need to take them all - REALLY, I PROMISE.
  • Grid paper - or scratch paper to stamp/sponge on
  • Punches - take basics (borders, circles, ovals, word window)  it is doubtful you will be creating elaborate punch art away from home
  • Post it notes - for documenting things you need to "add" when you get home
2) Tools YOU regularly use - for me they include
  • paper piercer, mat pack
  • crop-a-dile, hole punch
  • dimensionals
  • bone folder
  • ruler
  • pencil
  • sponges/daubers
  • distressing tool
3) Generic Embellishments (again, you know your basic colors from your planning)
  • ribbon/fiber
  • eyelets/brads/buttons
  • basic paper (extra neutrals and extra colors for the "themes" that you are using - all I ever use is the extra neutrals but I find other ladies "borrowing" so I take a bit just to be helpful)
  • large and small alphabet stamps (and I take rub ons - I use a lot of alphabet rub-ons for my titles)
4) Specific Items
  • Stamp sets you noted you might need
  • themed alphabet stamps that match your layout topics
5) Take a file folder and large zip-lock to store your extra paper and scraps so that you can easily return them to their "home" when you are done.  IMPORTANT - I didn't do this my first crop and was frustrated as the extra paper and scrap paper piled up around me.

6) What if you forget something?
  • Usually if you forget something, SOMEONE has one you can borrow or trade for
  • If you can't borrow and you MUST have it, use a post it note to document your idea, set the layout aside and finish it when you get home.
If you don't "usually" use ribbon, don't take any of it - you can always make a note and add it later. If you are a ribbon addict, take it.  Same for eyelets, brads, etc.  Think about your style and only take things you OFTEN use.  You do not need everything in your stash!

Another layout from my 80 page weekend.  This is the house we rented at Martha's Vineyard.  (paper from my stash -not SU) - You can see my 80 pages were not extremely complicated - but the photos and stories are now organized, nicely displayed and ready for viewing - not hidden in my computer.


Today is the last day to order the ornament punch - it will not be available tomorrow.  Call your demo RIGHT NOW!   I have showed you so so so many ways to use that punch.  Surely you have it already!?!?!  But if you don't, today is the last day!!!!!!!!!


Carolyn Sharkas said...

Good Morning! I will definitely be printing this whole series out. I would like to do at least one two page layout each month. Not a big amount, but it will get me started AND twenty four more pages in my scrapbooks this year. Thanks for sharing your system.

Also, it's freaking COLD down here, what did you do? Send it my way?


Ellen Kemper said...

No dear Dano - it is plenty cold here too. Must have come from someone else!