Sunday, January 17, 2010

Purple Dragon

Sorry for the absence - looking like posts may be sporadic this week too.   Family health just has to take precedence over punching and blogging. 

Hubby got back in the country and took his turn playing nurse so I did get to spend some time at home and jumped on the punches, because that is what makes me happy.  But don't expect tutorials this week because making those does NOT make me happy and we have enough unhappy this week as is.  I will be happy to answer specific questions.
Here is one of the things I worked on.

Mentioned my 'dragon days' in my Knight in Shining Armor post (which made me want to make a dragon) - I'm thinking this little guy looks a lot friendlier than I act on those days.

If you think this guy is cute then you need to go check out this guy - and this guy (who was inspired by the first one) absolutely the cutest punch dragons I could ever imagine!  I hesitated to even try a dragon because I knew I couldn't match them. So Clever and Amazing!

Not sure what project I'll use this beast on... but that really doesn't matter - it made me happy just to make him!

Back to nursing duty tonight. 


Carolyn Sharkas said...

OMG! This is my most favorite punch item you have done EVER!!!!! How cute is this little guy? I NEED him to come visit me, I know he wants to, lol.

He would look good on a Knight in Shining Armor scrapbook page. Maybe not a purple and pink girly dragon, but maybe a green and yellow one anyway.


Carol said...

Wow he's brilliant,love him. Thanks everso for all your wonderful creations.

Laura said...

He/she is just too cute. I will have to use this on a card for my grandkids. TFS your great creations.

Robbe said...

Wow Ellen this little guy is fantastic!
I am sorry to hear about your family health issues. :( Take care. Hope all is well soon.

Carrie Rhoades said...

Ellen! He is so cute! I don't think your knight in shining armor will need to slay him!

Wanda said...

Your dragon is ABSOLUTELY adorable!!!

Anonymous said...

Ellen, I think your dragon is sooooo much cuter! Thanks for sharing and I hope your family is on the mend.

CarrieNixon said...

Hehehehe, he IS CUTE!

I'm doing a birthday party for my friend's daughter.... might be cute if I can do something princess-y and the dragon.

Hugs to you and your family! (I was going to say to your husband, but thought you may get the wrong idea! I mean, I am a stranger from Canada... ;)

Carey said...

This is just darling and would definitely go great with the knight in shining armor. You are so doggone creative. On a personal note I pray things improve for you and your family. We all care about you.

Hugs and chocolate kisses,
aka Roscoe's mommy

CarrieNixon said...

I can;t believe how many similar names check this site... Carrie/Carey/Carol/Carolyn/Caraway...I know, too much time on my hands.... Ellen... what's your middle name? LOL

Chris Peterson said...

I love your dragon right down to his toes! He has such a sweet face. Positive thoughts and prayers are being sent your way!
aka Figaro

Lynn said...

So cute! All your punch art ROCKS!

The Schmidt Family said...

This paper punch dragon is amazing! I am brand new to punch art, so would you be able to tell me what punches you used to make him? I want to make baby shower invites with this for my husband's military squadron, as our mascot is the dragon. This is the cutest dragon I have seen!!!
Thank you!