Friday, October 23, 2009

Get your head on straight

If someone tells you to 'get your head on straight' it usually means they don't think you are making the best decisions.

In the case of this card - it is rather literal.

Of course I could also use the sentiment "Sorry, I must have lost my mind"

Or how about "What was I thinking?  Must have a screw loose!"

Truthfully, the card was made this way because my Frankenstein (Becky Hill's request) was just a bit too tall to fit on my card.  And I didn't want to just throw up another punch project unfinished.  And I couldn't come up with a scrapbook project for him (I could have saved him until someone was acting like a monster... but that someone would probably be me so I nixed that idea)

Here is the full sized frank-ster

The head - I used the small tag punch three times. 
1. punch a portion of the small tag into your black paper - punch your 1 3/8 square punch around the hole to get his hair
2. punch the small tag in green for his face - tag part down - sponge edges
3. punch another small tag in green for his forehead - cut down to a little under 1 inch - sponge edge - add scar with marker - adhere hair then adhere to face with dimensionals

The neck is the small oval - sponged and for the card version I cut zig zags

The neck screws and hands are the snowflake punch - trimmed to the right shape, of course

The shoes are 1/2 the butterfly punch - cut straight in on top of shoe.

Arms are word window - Frankenstein had straight arms so I couldn't use the ovals like I did on the "chin men"  (Didn't you ever do the Frankenstein imitation - walking stiffly with your arms straight out in front - hands hanging down?  Of course you did!) 

I made sure the top of the word window arms were not behind the ovals of the jacket - I wanted his shoulders to look as broad as possible

So Becky, does this work for you?


lifesabeach32940 said...


Robbe R V said...

I love him!! I have a bunch of Halloween photos of my kids that I have in a box....hmm I think he will work wonderfully on a page...any ideas for Mrs Frank-ster? :o)

Carolyn Sharkas said...

Frankie! Leave it to you to make a perfect Frankie. Absolutely fantabulous! He would be great on a page, but I like him undone, lol.
Thanks for another great creation.

Creations by Patti said...

I absolutely love it - the site of Frankie without his head just made my day! And made me laugh so is really funny!!! What a joy to see your blog and feel so great!!! I've been having a tough week so I think I will have to print him out to remind me to laugh every day. Thanks so much for sharing this project. Hugs!

Linda Gilliam said...

Ellen, I have just discovered your blog and I am HOOKED! I love the "PUNCHIES", could you please tell me how you did the legs for "Frankster" the Frankenstein, everything else is in the directions but the legs! Thank you SO much and keep up the great work!! WOW!
Linda Gilliam

Ellen Kemper said...

Hey Linda,

The legs are like the "chin men" legs
See this post:

small oval with wide oval punched around - gives you a ring. Then just trim down to the size you need (so for the legs it looks like a horseshoe shape)