Sunday, October 25, 2009

I like to be with you - Sisters page

We have a new unofficial tradition around here.  Since the eldest is staying AT SCHOOL and not coming home often, I started snapping a photo of my girls together when we eat out on each of her trips home.

The daisies are Gerbera Daisies - at least that was my intent.  My buddy, Dano, sent me these since I don't have the Flower, Daisies #2 die.  I knew if I played with some daisies I'd have to buy the die and I was correct, it is on the top of my wish list.  She rejoices in enabling me.  Gotta love having friends like that.

For the flower centers I did 1.25 circles same color, distressed - 1 inch circle darker color, distressed and stamped with texture wheel, 3/4 inch circle in chocolate chip stamped with texture wheel.  Each flower uses two of the daisy die.

The rub on I used is retired - it was from Greatest Moments.  I love that you can add rub ons on textured cardstock and even over uneven layers of cardstock!  A stamp would not have worked as seamlessly.

The flower in the upper right corner gives literal meaning to the term "cut flower" - didn't want it just hanging off the edge of the page.


Anne said...

What a lovely tradition.

I don't have a single enabling friend, but do look upon so many wonderful bloggers (you definitely included) as my enablers. Thank goodness I already own the daisy die, or it would have been added to my ever-growing list.

Anonymous said...

Gosh Ellen, didn't I tell you I HAVE that die? Girl, you could have borrowed it! :)

Great job on the page, I really like this.


Ellen Kemper said...

Well boss lady, that is some good info... I can rearrange my wish list and move another die to the top of the list. But you must promise to never move away. If you do I'll have to keep the die with me. OK?

Carolyn Sharkas said...

Ellen, I love what you used them for, love the centers, too. That really makes them look real. Love those smiling faces on your two beautiful daughters. Just like their Mama.