Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Ostrich in Disguise

I made this ostrich for a scrapbook page - my youngest is terrified of ostriches due to a bad experience when she was four.  We lay all the blame on her "evil" uncle - my big brother.  It's a funny story and a REAL fear.  I was reminded of it when she refused to go anywhere near the ostrich in a petting zoo at our state fair a couple of weeks ago.

Alas, the scrapbook page would not cooperate and I can't make it come together so it has been temporarily laid aside and the ostrich donned these fake glasses and mustache for night of trick or treating. 

I think you can see the punches if you have been reading past posts - I tend to use the same "tricks" over and over again. 

But here are a couple of things you might not recognize:
The top of his legs is the the bottom half of the butterfly punch
The knobby knees come from leaving just a little in the middle of the snowflake punch as you cut most of the "arms" off.

Yell (by comment or email)  if you have a burning need for a punched ostrich and you can't figure it out.  

I have a sneaky suspicion most of you won't need an ostrich in disguise - hopefully he at least made you grin.


Carolyn Sharkas said...

You always make me laugh. He is too cute. But if he comes to my door, I'm not giving him candy. I know they can be mean, I have seen them peck and chase people, and they are huge! It's one thing if
a chicken comes after you, but an ostrich? I'd be
scared, too. And I love birds. If I can ever get caught up, I would like to make him, along with all the other unbelievable things you have made lately, but I think I can figure it out, now that you have lit the way for me.

Carey said...

OK, I know why dd is afraid of ostriches. They can be really mean. There used to be an ostrich farm not too far from a hospital where I worked. They were mean critters. Yours looks way too funny to be mean with the glasses and moustache. Maybe they are in disguise so you won't know they are a mean ostrich and give them Halloween candy? Who knows what an ostrich thinks.

Roscoe's mommy

Jeannie said...

You're right -- I probably don't have any need for an ostrich, but it's definitely adorable!! I was chased by a goose, so I can sort of relate!! TFS!

Waipahu CBDO dba Waipahu Community Coalition said...

so cute- especially his glasses, you are amazing. I look at punches and see the basic shapes. grr

Wanda said...

Ellen, this is precious too - boy, was I behind on your blog (hate I can't get updates). Keep up the good work of creating all these punched items.