Friday, October 9, 2009

My 2 Cents of Humor

Another BOM page complete!

Sharing card ideas is no problem but sharing scrapbook pages is another thing. I have to weigh the excitement over sharing my ideas with you against my concern that I might be sharing too much personal info on the Internet.

Should I share this photo? 

But the idea is so cute!

Do I want everyone to read THAT? 

I’m really happy with the way this turned out!

Such HEAVY decisions!
And that adjective brings up the other thing I have to weigh. Fifteen lbs gone!  Plenty still to go...

Ok - Back on task

This page got the "go ahead" from my mental debate:

Hubby asked "What's HUMR"?

humor, honey

"I think you forgot a letter"

No, I didn't.  The pelican is the "o"

"You need something round there, no one can read that"

Yes, these ladies will read it immediately.  They may not make the "cents" vs. "Sense" of humor connection the first time they look, but they will all see HUMOR.

Then he read the journaling, repeated the punch line of his joke and went away laughing.

Just so you don't strain your eyes trying to read that journaling ('cause I know some of you would try) click on this and it will get larger.

Clues for making the pelican: 

Legs – snowflake punch – then I put one of the flower trio behind the foot to make it webbed

Body – wide oval - trimmed just a little to give him a pointy tail end

Head - 1/2 butterfly

Neck – word window

Beak – wide oval  (used parts of two ovals here, cutting one into two pieces just wasn’t fat enough for me)

Eyes – standard hole punch, white gel pen

Wing – small oval

I made him from confetti white paper not whisper white because this is a Pelican not a Swan.

Beach birds just don’t strike me as pure white – could be the influence of the Texas coastline on my thinking. I love my state but I will admit it is not absolutely perfect (But our governor’s hair is).

Oops I’m supposed to be using self depreciating humor not that other kind.

Here is the "pier" piece or whatever you call those wood poles that seagulls and beach birds are always landing on.  (NORTH Texas gal here - not that much experience with beaches)


Unknown said...

I love looking at scrap pages! So cute and hey I got the title right away!

Loni said...

U so funny... and I got the title tooo... must be a girl thing, 'cause my DH would have said the same thing.

Carolyn Sharkas said...

I love the pelican, and the page. and yes, I got it, too. Love all the pages in your BOM. Thanks for adding the bird, cuz I am having withdrawals. A couple of more days and watch out, I will be all birds, all the time, lol. Not really, but honestly, looking back at other cards I have made, alot of them do have birds, what the heck is that all about? Next I'll have the bird flu! Hugs,

Anne said...

Wonderful! I have a different sort of sense of humor as well. My dh would say, "What humor?" Oh well, his loss. I'm constantly amazed at the cleverness of others, but I figure I have other talents. Some days I'm not sure what they are, though.

Wanda said...

Oh, I love your pelican. I can sit and watch them at the beach for hours, as they feed. It's so much fun to watch. I don't think I can make this one since I don't have the head punch - but I'll try him with something else. TFS Ellen - another great punched project.

Leslie Hanna said...

LOVE the pelican! And I got the 'o' thing. :-)

Rochelle said...

Just wanted to let you know that I just put a link on my blog to your blog because I was inspired by your pelican to make a pelican my self! Thanks for the great inspiration!