Friday, October 16, 2009

Chins part 2 - Man in Green

My brain (odd thing that it is) finished Conan and was at a fork in the road.  I was heading towards other late night TV hosts OR other Irish men.... Jay Leno or Leprechauns?  Who knows - Jay Leno may eventually be immortalized in punches but his chin is certainly not pointy so I took the easy route and went GREEN.

I know it isn't St. Patrick's Day, so what am I doing showing you a leprechaun this time of year?  It is always a good time to tell someone that you are LUCKY to be their friend, know them, love them, be married to them, etc.  So stick him on a card or a scrapbook page with some four leaf clovers and announce just how lucky you are.

Very similar to yesterday's chin men - but he has butterfly punch shoes (trimmed), with a slot and hole punch accent, a bowler hat (circle and word window) with 4 hearts as a clover (heart to heart).  His nose is the 1/2 inch circle and his hair is the scallop oval - punched twice to get the smaller pieces. 

He also looks good without the hat if you trim off the "handle" of the ornament - then you have an almost bald leprechaun.  Pretty cute!


Creations by Patti said...

Ellen: I am so glad you cleaned up your work space and the inspiration fairy has come to pay you a visit. Love these "people" - they are better than those dies!!! Thanks so much for sharing!!! Difficult to keep up with you......maybe the inspiration fairy will find her way to my place soon. Patti

Gaby said...

Wow, another great guy. Unbelievable how somebody comes up with the idea to make shoes out of a butterfly-punch. *wink*
But I'm really thankful you did, this way we all get to see those great results.

By the about a clown? The leprechaun without a hat reminded me of one.

Have a nice weekend.

Ellen Kemper said...

Oh Gaby - a clown is a great idea - and could be useful too. Are you going to try it? or should I?

Carolyn Sharkas said...

I definitely think YOU should, LOL. This little guy is adorable, and I have quite a bit of Irish in me, so I just love him. Even mostly bald. You never cease to amaze me.


Carey said...

This is exactly what I thought of when I saw your guy yesterday. Well the man in green part anyway. I am going to see Kimm today!! Yeah. Will be back to see ya online on Monday. Have a great and creative weekend.


Anonymous said...

Oh yes, I like the Clown idea. I can always use one of those.

And then what...the seven Dwarfs? haha, girl, you have got way too much time on your hands. But I'm glad you do or we wouldn't get all these awesome creations of yours.


Robbe said...

You are amazing Ellen!! You are the first site I check out when I turn this computer on. You are so wonderfully talented. I would be so sad if I didn't have my daily fix of Ellen's cuties.
Please don't ever stop. :o)

Gaby said...

Hi Ellen,
I would love to try, but I don`t have most of the punches, I need for it.