Monday, October 26, 2009

My Biggest Blessings

Halloween is so close, I'm pretty sure you don't have time for any more ideas for that holiday, so let's get thinking Thanksgiving.  YUM! Turkey and stuffing and potatoes, and rolls and pie and...

Can you tell I'm still dieting? 

Back on task.
Here again are my two best blessings...

This is a little bit of false advertising - not that these are my blessings but that this is an Autumn picture.  It was taken during Spring Break when oldest was home from college (date recorded on back of layout).  But the colors of the photo worked with the paper and then I added the title - the first word that popped into my head and then the turkey just sort of jumped onto the page.   (Wild animals do that kind of thing, don't ya know?)

Body 2.5-ish circle (circle scissor plus)
Head 1.75 inch circle punch
Whites of eyes - 1/2 butterfly punch (vanilla of eyes, really)
Black in eye - standard hole punch, white gel pen
Waddle - 1/2 big heart in heart to heart punch
Beak - bottom part of the Full Heart (I don't type that much - I better get playing with that punch more)
Eyebrows - sliver from heart to heart punch (like clown eyebrows) but cut apart and adhered sideways
Feet - snowflake punch
Feathers - modern label punch, sponged with chocolate chip

Blessed title is the Jumbo Outline Alphabet - I LOVE that you can use this alpha set for more subtle titles and have your paper show through the lettering.

And this fab paper is Autumn Meadows from the mini catalog - talk about yummy, I love the colors!

The other papers on the page are straight from my scrap drawers - no cutting - I was challenging myself to use and position them "as is" (no measuring and no cutting) except I remembered the TEXTURE jumbo wheel so "size wise" they are as is - but I ran the texture wheel over them with chocolate chip ink - SO EASY - and I love the effect.

I'm just yakking now.  You can stop reading.

The sound just STOPPED on my laptop last night - I was rocking out with my David Cook CD and my headphones so that I couldn't hear the scary movie that baby girl and her two buds were watching and then NOTHING - no noise at all.

Got the girls to turn down that horrible movie so I could speak to two lovely young men (in India, I'm guessing) and the result is I have a hardware issue, under warranty BUT the only way to get it fixed is to mail them "my precious" and it will be gone for THREE WEEKS.

Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh nooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo!!

I will be trying to keep up with things but since I will be sharing the lone dinosaur machine in the kitchen with the kid, I might not have posts daily.  But I'll do the best I can.  

I functioned for 51 years without this little box but I will be suffering SEVERE withdrawal while it is gone.  Oh how quickly we become addicted... I'm sure there is a life lesson here and I'll have plenty of time to learn it while I'm waiting for my turn on the other computer.

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Carolyn Sharkas said...

First of all, another awesome page, the colors are gorgeous, as, of course are the girls, you definitely are blessed. Second The turkey is too cute, gotta make him, and yes, the snowflake punch is on my order going in today, lol. Third, you can yak anytime you want and I will listen, LoL. Sorry to hear about your laptop, hope it comes back faster than 3 weeks, it's really hard when you have to share with the teenagers, believe me, I know. Oh, and you really should hear my phone message, my dear daughter recorded it and she does the best accents, you would crack up. Everyone thinks they are calling tech support, if that tells you anything. Have a great Monday.