Sunday, January 24, 2010

Guest Puncher - Sheila White

People have started sending me original punch art that they were inspired to make because of this blog;  That just makes me grin from ear to ear! 

When I receive something fabulous from now on, (and if they give me permission), I'm going to share it with you.

Sheila White lives in North Carolina and sent me two great projects. She admits their might be a competitors punch in these somewhere but we will forgive her for not being an SU purist.  I mean, if you own a punch you HAVE to use it.  You wouldn't want any of them feeling neglected, would you?

On to the good stuff. 

First we have Woody from Toy Story by Sheila

How cute is that?

Then we have some kids playing soccer by Sheila - the net was done on an electronic cutting system not punches.

Thanks Sheila for letting me show off your work.  Keep on punching!


CarrieNixon said...


When my son was 3 or 4 years old... we watched it about 200 times. I'll use him somewhere. :)

Veronica said...

Cute characters and so nice of you to share with us, Ellen. Hope your family health issues are better soon.

Stamp with Sandy said...

OMG! Woody is WONDERFUL!!!! My boys are going to love him! Thanks for sharing him!

Oh, BTW--yes, you can no longer get the ornament punch, but SU! is still selling the Movers & Shapers set that has the ornament in it. It's a little bigger than the punch, but it's the same shape :O)


Carrie Rhoades said...

WOW! Woody! So darn cute. I just love it!
Thanks for sharing.

Carolyn Sharkas said...

These are really cute. You do inspire, I know you have definitely inspired me, and enabled me, lol.


Anonymous said...

While you are the "Queen" of punch art in my book you do have some talented subjects, so sharing just shows your royal commitment to the art of punching. LOL Thanks to you for all the time and hard work.
Rose Reynolds
Burleson, Tx

Ellen Kemper said...

Ah, thanks Rose! (blushing)

I am happy to share the work of other quality punchers and link you to their blogs because punching is not a competitive sport it is joy and happiness and relaxation and FUN!

Keep punching ladies!

Anonymous said...

Wow...Ellen what a great teacher you are...Sheila fantastic punch art :)


Unknown said...

thanks for sharing once again. please pass my thanks onto sheila as i have cased her card for a friends little baby's birthday card

Unknown said...

Love the toy story punch art! U all are so creative!! Got a request...didn't know where to do will just ask here, see what grandson loves the minus turtles....can u do them...or at least one!! Back to looking at your simply amazed!!