Monday, January 25, 2010

Hut Hut Hut

No, not tropical island kind of hut with the wind in the palm trees....  That would interest me a lot more than this. 

Alas, it is Super Bowl time and I got a request for a football player.  Football is NOT my thing.  I am a basketball girl - GO MAVERICKS!!!! 

So although I live just a few miles from the Cowboy's new stadium, I don't care.  We did win some tickets and went to a game and had fun checking out the beautiful new stadium and they won that day but it just isn't my thing.  High school football is great and college games can be loads of fun but Pro Football?  I don't like it.  Please don't send hate mail.

Beth Saremba requested a "neutral" football player so I just randomly chose Red and Black - at least I'm pretty sure those aren't Colt or Saint colors.

I do know enough about football to know that the player I just created is a Center.
And that he is about to fumble because he has no hands
And that lines do not run diagonally on the field like I have them here
And that I'd have to be on the defensive line to ever get this view (which will NEVER happen)
And I'd rather be the quarterback because he stands behind most of the other players with a view of rear ends in tight pants. 
Which brings up the one thing I hate about basketball - long baggy shorts.  Oh for the uniforms of the 1980s....sigh....

Guess you might want some How To info

Here is the helmet:
1.75 circle cut with scissors for helmet opening - random strip from my desk for stripe (you will have to find one on your own desk, I'm going to clean up in a minute)
Oval ring for top face-mask line (large oval punched around small oval hole)
Wide oval punched next to wide oval hole for bottom face-mask line

Here is the rest of him:
1.25 circle head
1/2 inch circle -Nose like Curly's in 3 stooges post
Small Heart and standard hole punch eyes
Wide Oval body
Small Oval sleeves
Heart to Heart arms
Wide oval punched again to get U shape for legs (can't see but they are there in black)
Word window legs
Butterfly shoes
Spiral punch throwaway parts for cleats
1.25 inch Circle re-punched to get football
Draw on your "mean" eyebrows and frown (and football laces)


Anonymous said...

Ah, Ellen, this is the best one yet! My son-in-law, AL Johnson played center for the Cowboys several years ago... well more like 4 or more now. This will be perfect for his birthday card.
I've been saying that you are the Queen of punches and you keep proving it. TFS again.
Rose Reynolds
Burleson, Tx

Veronica said...

I totally agree with you when it comes to football but this punch player will come in handy.

Thanks for the comment on my blog! I haven't "advertised" it's existence much so it was a nice surprise.

Lucy said...

Wow, this is a great depiction of a football player, you got a touchdown! The extra point would be for a cheerleader, haha only kidding not asking for one! Keep up the great work on your blog

CarrieNixon said...

Super cute! I wish my brain worked like yours! Everytime I show my son something I made, he's always hoping it's my own creation... not a CASE'd one.

Carolyn Sharkas said...

I have the perfect place for this guy, my son played football at one time, but when they wanted to put him up with the bigger boys because of his size, I took him out. They would have killed him. I do, however,
have some great pictures of him playing and some of my daughter as a cheerleader, too, so this will go in one of my scrapbooks. Thanks again for the inspiration


Jessica said...

Hi Ellen,
I'm right with you there with football. But, I have to cheer for the Lions and that is like a lost cause...Can't watch it on tv but it is a good time for me and me dad to bond. Hockey is too and I do have something to cheer about there!!

Wanda M in NC said...

Love that guy girl - TFS

Heather Dean said...

Love the football guy and since my boys (all 3 -- 2 sons and 1 husband) love the Texas Longhorns, I'll have to do this in burnt orange! I agree with you on pro football but do love to watch the college teams play (but college basketball is my favorite to watch). Love your punch characters -- but love your commentary even more! Keep it coming and keep me smiling!!

Pat Jandacek said...

You know a LOT more about football than I do. Plus you have lots of other wonderful talents, too. I'm here now because Calli got inspiration from you. I'll be here again and again 'cause I sure like what I see and read. TFS