Monday, February 7, 2011

Guest Puncher - Marci Long - Bo Peep and Alien

Oh my, my, my, but we have some talented ladies out there in reader land.

Marci Long needed a Bo Peep and Alien from Toy Story to go with the Buzz Lightyear I had made.  I had no interest in working on them right then so I suggested she try it herself.  And what that heck was she waiting for?  Look at the awesome job she did...

Didn't need me at all did she?

Here's the link to my original Buzz for directions on him.

If Marci can design them, surely you can look at the photo and figure out how she did it.

I'm the lucky one - I got to see a DARLING photo of Marci's grand kids in their Halloween costumes of these same 3 Toy Story characters.  Marci made these characters for their goodie bags.  Now is that is a thoughtful grandma, huh?

Thanks Marci, for sharing these with me and allowing me to show them here. 

I have a feeling these will be copied many times over.  Please remember to give Marci credit for her work.


Lisa Minckler said...

You went to Infinity and BEYOND on this one...amazing detail...wtg! Thank you for sharing :)

Blaire said...

This is amazing. I love the detail on Buzz. Very impressed.

Patrice H said...

Really adorable. That was such a great design Ellen Classic. And Marci did a great job too!