Saturday, February 12, 2011

Fat Frog

After making the fat cat, I sat and thought "what other animal could have BIG FAT hind legs?"

I'm not a rocket scientist but even I could come up with this:

See the similarity?
Same hind legs
Same Chest
Same head (kinda)

For the frog:
Snipped in a circle on the full heart (on the cat it was cut flat)
I flattened the head oval a little (very little)
cheeks - circle itty bitty punch pack
eyes - word window and circles
drew on mouth
Legs -  wide heart to heart next to hole of same

Feet are the cool thing I learned on this one!
Punch a scallop oval and toss it - keep the hole
Trim from the hole to make a triangle or pie shape -  thin (front) feet and wider (back feet) for that nice WEBBED look.  Simple yet effective!

Also, I attached his chest with a dimensional so he would have more depth and would POP (hop) off the page.


Cherbear said...

So cute! I am going to have to try the fat cat since my brothers refer to my cat as "Fat Cat."

slbt17 said...

very cute!
Sandra ltb