Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Playing Dress Up

Yeah, well.... I was gonna make a cowgirl to go with last weeks cowboy, but with the I Fairy, things don't always go the way I plan.  Instead, you get.....

Playing Dress Up!

Hat - Large oval parts and pieces - tips below
Dress - wide oval repunched on sides with same and at neck with word window
Necklace - Scallop oval around large oval hole
Hair was a circle trimmed with scissors to frame face
Shoes are 5 petal flower trimmed (use 2 for each shoe so her foot can be "inside" - sponge color on back to look like a shadow in the too big shoe
The rest is the usual stuff

Hat Tip:
To make the hat look right, I took the back base large oval and laid a small oval "hole" piece over it and sponged pink into the hole to make the "shadow"

The hat brim is large oval next to large oval hole making a thin curved piece (make 2) then adhere one over the other so they curve opposite directions - cover the "seam" with your flower

Crown of hat is just another bit of large oval.

I'll try again on the cowgirl later.


Unknown said...

Oh sooo cute, I can see my g'daughter in her. Thanks Ellen for sharing all your work! God Bless

Whimcees said...


I love this little girl - she's so bright and happy looking! Perfection!

Hope that all is well with you! Wishing you a great week!


Barbara Diane

Created by Kath said...


Highland Monkey's said...

Aw she's sooo cute.

Patrice H said...

She reminds me a card you sent me a couple years ago for my birthday.