Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Daisy Drives A Lot

Not Driving Miss Daisy (old movie title) but Miss Daisy, all I do is drive!

Ever feel YOUR name is Daisy Drives A Lot? 

Let me tell you it is WONDERFUL when your last child gets their license and you only drive when YOU need to. 

I hope you can find a use for Daisy here. 
Maybe you can use this character on a page about your long commute to work.
Or about all the things you overhear while carpooling
Or maybe you DRIVE ME CRAZY on a page or card

I used some parts from SU's two new punches, the cupcake and the flower one that I can't remember the name of (you know, the one that has the feather duster looking thing? -let's call it the Feather Duster Flower punch from now on.  OK?)  I'm sure there will be many fun uses for these punches but I spend most of my weekend scrapbooking and didn't play punches until the last couple of hours when I was too exhausted to think.

Daisy Driver Parts
Face - Owl (upside down, feet and ears cut off)

Hair – Full heart (upside down)

Bangs – medium oval

Eyes – circle itty bitty punch pack

Lips – modern label – punch tip with circle itty bitty punch pack

Neck – word window (1/2 lengthwise)

Shirt - feather duster from the new feather duster flower punch

Collar – slot (retired) or use a small scrap strip

Hands – modern label repunched with circle itty bitty punch pack

Car parts

Seat back – Key Tag (retired) or use a rectangle and round the corners

Steering wheel – 1 inch circle around the ¾ inch circle hole

Dashboard – wide oval

Rear-view mirror – word window repunched to shorten

Rear-view mirror mount – cherry from cup cake punch

Sometimes it is hard to judge the scale of these characters. Daisy Driver here is 3.75 inches tall.


Cape Craft Crazy said...

Daisy is just fabulous. Thanks for the instructions - can't wait to have a bash at this one.
rgds, Diane
Cape Town

Anonymous said...

She is so me, a least when I had kids at home. Thanks for using the cupcake punch.......I was having a guilt trip over buying it... Pansy

Kristine said...

Great--now I need more punches! This is SO SO me 6 days a week for my son and his ballroom lessons with his partner, his team and solo. Must place another SU order--must buy more punches (and find that elusive key tag one too).

Lisa R. said...

Cute. know what you mean. My oldest is 14, not long to go eh? Happy crafting