Thursday, February 3, 2011

Wiry White Hare

I've done Bugs Bunny and I've done Rabbit from the Hundred Acre Wood, soooo, to distinguish him from the others, I guess we should call this little guy a wiry white hare(Not to be confused with those wiry white hairs that have appeared on my head)

Head - medium oval and half a butterfly
Nose - small heart
Belly - wide oval and small oval (pink)
Hind legs - full heart
Front paws - medium oval
Ears - large oval near small oval hole

Whiskers - thin wire curled around the end of a thin paintbrush.  SU used to sell this wire - I suspect you can find it at a big box craft store or maybe even a hardware store.

Note: He is also cute if you just make his head and leave off the body.

I worked on this springtime guy while the temps in North Texas were in the teens, the wind chills worse, the rolling power outages occurring frequently, the schools closed, and the roads icy.  I don't know if the ground hog saw his shadow or not but I'm doing my part to THINK SPRING!

And I hope all these Super Bowl Fans who have descended upon us this week take this cruddy weather back home with them - they are used to it - I'm not.


Lorraine said...

Just in time to celebrate the Year of the Rabbit today. Love it!

Elizabeth said...

What a CUUUUUTE bunnie - love it! There is a little something for you over on my blog right now. X

slbt17 said...


lynn koepke said...

I just read your whole blog with great delight. THANK YOU for creating such delightful personalities and writing about them with such charming glimpses into their personalities and activities.