Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Waiting on the recipe....

Yes, another unfinished project... just WAITING on me to add the recipe.  Waiting... Waiter...  You knew I couldn't resist that one.

Couple of retired things here - Key Tag which as we have discussed before you can get from a rectangle and a corner rounder - and the slot punch which you really can't get but you can substitute little straight scraps.  I really can't imagine why SU retired that one and I think they should bring it back - even ladies who don't do punch art used it to put ribbon on cards...

I won't keep you WAITING any longer (giggle)
Here's the recipe for the waiter:

Hair - small tag punch shortened
Face - key tag (retired)
Eyebrows and moustache - slot punch
Eyes - a standard hole punch in white and black
Nose - small circle (itty bitty punch pack) trimmed on sides
Mouth - small circle next to small circle hole (just need that sliver)
Shirt - key tag (still retired) punched at top with key tag and I inserted the bottom into the ornament punch to get the point (you could cut with scissors)
Tie - Full heart next to full heart hole (just need a sliver and then trim to shorten
Arm - small tag  - trimmed (hint - the elbow is the small top part of the tag punch)
Gloved hand - wide heart to heart
Tray - scrap
Serving Cover - Wide oval end and a standard hole punch

Remember you can change his expression by moving the mouth and eyebrows!


DebbieKissel said...

I like this guy! Thanks, too, for telling us how to adjust for the retired key tag...needed to know that and can't believe I didn't figure that out!

Created by Kath said...

I like the waiter, another way to get around the retired punch, is to take the rectangle and a circle punch, if you turn the punch over and go into the circle from the bottom you get only one side of the circle punched and the rest a retangle. Thanks for all the inspiration.

slbt17 said...

very cute!
Love him!
Sandra ltb

bonnie said...

just love how you do all these punch things. you say it is easy, but you are incredibly talented. thank you fot sharing your site