Friday, February 25, 2011

Queen of Something...

Here goes another of those "I don't know why I made it" punch arts... 

or should I have said it makes me WONDER why I made a villain from Wonderland?

The Queen of Hearts is pretty complex - like a 4.5 on a 5 point scale so don't try this as your first punch art creation.  I don't want you shouting "off with her head" if you get frustrated!

Skirt - full hearts
Chest - wide oval in red, 1 inch circle in black
Sleeves - medium oval
Her right arm (left side) 1/2 inch circle, modern label repunched with circle from itty bitty pack
Her left arm (right side) medium oval and same hand as above
Collar - 2 large ovals and medium heart to heart
Face - 1  1/4 circle, 1 inch circle
Mouth - 1 inch circle trimmed
Teeth - 1 inch circle around 3/4 inch circle
Eyes - small heart
Tongue - small heart to heart
Crown - hole from scallop circle - trim toward the hole so you have points on top
Eyebrows - leaves from 2 step bird
Hair - 3 tails from 2 part bird, 1/2 inch circle. circle itty bitty pack, scrap of red

I can't remember what I grabbed for her nose but a leaf from the 2 step bird would work.


Whimcees said...


How wonderful! You are the Queen of Punch Art - no doubt about it! Great creation!

Wishing you a good weekend!


Barbara Diane

Anonymous said...

Love it! j

kraftykat157 said...

WOW! You are the queen of punch art
I love everything you do and you inspire me.
Thanks for sharing your talent!

Anonymous said...

Totally cool Miss Ellen......
That is a darling job......Love it. Pansy.

slbt17 said...

Wow Ellen - this is amazing!
Sandra ltb

maryp said...

oh, oh, oh ..... best one yet. Well, maybe second best .. nothing much can top the seven dwarves (personal bias). She is GRAND ... so very Alice in Wonderland.

The inspiration fairy is alive and residing in your stamp room.