Sunday, February 6, 2011

I Spy - Birds on a Branch

Promised if I "spied" someone taking my punch ideas to another level I'd clue you in and Lisa of You Make Me Ink took my birds on a branch (inspired by a t-shirt) and made it absolutely hysterical.  You must go see what she made and the expression on the bird's face - just click HERE.  I love her color choices and the details she used.  What a fabulous card! 

Fortunately for me, our four days of ice and snow are over - we had no school, rolling power outages and wrecks galore. Keep in mind that my husband was golfing in shorts for 3 of the 4 days prior to this storm and I saw people back out in shorts again yesterday as we began to thaw.  We just aren't used to this or prepared for it. 

But hey, it kept me home and at my craft desk more - I'll have some new stuff for you this week but for today - make sure you check out Lisa's birds.


Linda Rodenberg said...

Wow! How very cute! I just LOVE all of your punch creations!

slbt17 said...

thanks Ellen - it is very cute - I still love yours!
Sandra ltb

Lisa Minckler said...

Thank you, Ellen for the comments and the inspiration that you provide! :) Have a great day

Created by Kath said...

Your blog is one of my favorites, thanks for the link, the card made me laugh.