Saturday, February 26, 2011

...runneth over

I'm finally finished with my rainy Hawaii trip scrapbook - this is one of those pools where you swim up to the bar...  only in this photo it is so full of rain water that it "runneth over" filling the pool deck too.

Showing you because I used some more left over chipboard.  These are some flower petals that SU used to sell and I turned them into raindrops.  Glitter Queen Eileen fancied them up for me - aren't they fab?

I wanted my base cardstock simple and kinda gloomy to match the day BUT it looked blah - so I layered a 11x11 sheet of the same paper with the edges sponged with ink.  Just the layer of interest I needed.  So file that in your memory banks until you need it someday.

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Toyin O. said...

very pretty, thanks for sharing.