Friday, February 11, 2011

Fat Cat

Ever have those chores you HATE to do?  For awhile mine was vacuuming - I'd put it off until it HAD to be done.

After that it was grocery shopping - I'd beg my kid to go with me so I didn't have to do it alone - I dreaded grocery shopping.

Mopping has had it's turn as the dreaded chore, as had bill paying (thank goodness that didn't last too long)

Right now - it is taking photos of punch art.

You've probably noticed I've just been throwing them down on notebook paper or scrap paper and snapping a photo.... same thing today...  wonder how long this one will be the "hated" task?

Hind Legs - Full Heart - trimmed off at point end
Chest - medium oval
Head - medium oval
Ears - small heart to heart
Paws - circle itty bitty punch pack
front legs - modern label but I had to slim it some
Tail - large oval around a hole
Bow - 1/2 inch circle and small heart to heart (2)

What I figured out on this kitty was the EYES
I wanted a curve and point
I saw the HOLE left by the 5 punch flower in my punch droppings
Grabbed my smallest circle and snipped the "inner points" on that hole
Sounds weird - just punch a flower and you'll see what I mean.
To get them identical - punch two - layer your "holes" (now that does sound weird) and punch them at the same time.
Oh yeah - I'm sure there is a simpler way to do this  - I'm just telling you what I did.

Tune in next time to see another beast built almost the same way.


Anonymous said...

Love your kitty! I will definitely making a few for my feline friends' owners. And don't worry about the backgrounds! alene

maryp said...

who cares what the background looks like ??? your punch art takes center stage ... I for one, never noticed the notebook paper. keep in touch with the inspiration fairy ... she doens't know where I live!

kilroy said...

We don't care what the background is. We just want to see your great punches.

Barb said...

Darling kitty!!! There are three fur-people in our house, I may have to make some portraits. :-D