Sunday, April 18, 2010

Bald Biker

This is for Jen Blank.   She wrote "My guys BD is the end of the month. I love all your shapes. He is an avid bicycle rider you know the Lance Armstrong type. 60-100 miles at a time. Any ideas? I await your creativity."

100 miles at a time?.... I'm having a coronary just thinking about it. 

Bald biker guy was kinda complex and I have zero interest in writing down everything I did.  Don't you hate it when I do that to y'all?  Hey, this is free, don't complain!

Jen, if this is what you had in mind, email me your snail mail and I'll send him to you so you can figure him out. and customize him for the birthday boy.  Unless of course the Inspiration Fairy is too late to make his big day.

Anyone else that wants to try him - his butt is designer label, his legs are small ovals but the calves were trimmed by hand.  His eye-wear is new circle punch (available May 1) around a standard hole punch hole.  The bike is a bunch bunch bunch of different punches - so if you can't analyze the photo and figure it out - maybe you can just make a biker standing around in his helmet and not on a bike?

Oh and the cool texture on his shirt is a new embossing folder which will be available May 1.  I love it!  Buy it!


RedGem said...

Wow, 60-100 miles a day I would hate to think what my backside would look like. I love the character and his bike, his helmet looks like half of a large heart? I am looking forward to all the new SU!goodies in May! Tks for sharing

Ellen Kemper said...

Good guess - but his helmet is a large oval punched at the edge of the paper - one side pushed up higher than the other. Then I put a little strip of black under it (word window on edge of paper - which is also a lot of the bike, hint hint)

Unknown said...

This is PERFECT! Not only is my hubby a biker (both pedal and vroom vroom),he's BALD!haha!
Next month he's doing the 100 mile Ride for Missing Children, so I have time to play with this. Thanks so much for all your designs - I look forward to them each day.
PS-My daughter graduates this year- anything on the horizon for graduation, by chance?

Ellen Kemper said...

I have one graduating too but since she reads the blog I don't want to post my card for her yet.

College graduation comes early so maybe I'll have it on before you need it - or maybe I can come up with another idea.

Cindi said...


You are amazing! Thanks for sharing your talents and efforts with all of us!


Carolyn Sharkas said...

Hey, put some hair on him and some feminine colors and he could be our VC friend who is always riding for a cause, Loni, she amazes me, too.


Loni said...

Love it.. and love riding for the causes... only 9 days out from Bike MS; then Tour de Cure 2 weeks after that.