Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Droopy Dog

This one is for Kim Score, who is herself a master of punches - so I'm not sure why she asked me to do this.  But I was flattered, so I tried.
At first, I had no clue who Droopy Dog was but she sent me a link to a picture - I certainly remember watching cartoons with him - I just didn't remember his name.  (Age does that to you - Kim is surely MUCH younger than me)
Want some how to?
Head and Body-  full heart (photo below to show how to trim)
Muzzle/mouth -parts from large oval and small ovals (middle one is vanilla)
Nose - 1/2 inch circle
Eyes - small heart to heart in almost amethyst - snip off 'diamond' shape at bottom - layer over white heart - outline in black to define eyes - draw on blacks of eyes
Legs - wide Heart to Heart inserted in 1/2 inch oval to trim (see New Years baby legs)
Tail - word window next to word window hole
Arm - word window - insert into modern label to punch fingers
Ear - small oval next to small oval hole
Hair - could be trimmed by hand but I used a retired punch Spring Flower Bouquet.

I layered the pieces I needed over the full heart punch so you could see how to trim
Belly was trimmed by sticking it into the 1.75 inch circle
Head was trimmed with scissors
Hope this works for you Kim!


Whimcees said...


I love this little guy and will use him on a card today!

Would you create a Felix the cat? Notice I didn't say 'could' as I have perfect confidence in your skill. :<)

Wishing you a great day today!

Barbara Diane

Patricia Gessner said...

I love this !!! Have to make him for someone.....maybe me.

Kim said...

Love it! I always thought that you injected so much humor into your punch art and although I may have been able to come up with it myself, I knew you would do an awesome job like you do with all of your cartoon characters! Now, if only there was the Wolf to go along with him. Remember the whistling wolf? Oh, and I don't know if you are much older than I am (I'm 36). LOL

Kim said...

Oh, and now I gotta make a card with a greeting of "hello all you happy people". LOL

Ellen Kemper said...

Kim - My first digit is a '5' not a '3'

I'd say that is MUCH older

Carolyn Sharkas said...

Droopy Dog, OMG! You are awesome, but then you already knew that!

Thanks so much, again for making me smile.