Friday, April 9, 2010

Bubba Bait

Sorry, I am a little later than usual with this post.... punching is not getting old but taking pictures and editing and uploading and downloading and all the various hoops I jump through to share this stuff isn't exactly fun and exciting anymore. 

I think I need an attitude adjustment today.

Maybe this fisherman does too - look at his depressed face.  I don't think the fish are biting...

Stole this idea from some clip-art I saw.  Tried to do a "fisherman hat" but couldn't get it right so ol' Bubba Bait put on his baseball cap.  In the clip art, there was a fish behind him with it's tongue sticking out.  Made me grin.

Normally I just make a character and don't attach it to anything until it's final resting place but I had to stop and make something with this guy since I wanted to draw on his fishing line. 

If you are giving this to a fishing fan you probably want to add the reel part of the rod and reel.  Me... I had to think several seconds before I could come up with that highly technical word - "reel".  I only like fish on a plate in a restaurant or on display in an aquarium near the ocean on vacation.

I thought this would make a decent retirement card - "...a bad day of fishing is better than any day at the office!"

Of course you could always give him a happy expression and use this as a Father's Day card.

Here's some info
Face - word window
Nose - wing from Two Step Bird
Hat - 3/4 inch circle,  1/2 inch circle parts
Ear - tip of word window
Eyes - standard hole punch
Neck - small My Way Arrow
Shirt - snip of star for neck hole into 1 inch circle
Collar - small heart to heart - snip off 'bumps'
Sleeves - square offset from square hole
Waders - 1.25 square - lines with marker
Shoulder straps - small oval around the end of a word window hole
Hands - modern label repunched with 1/2 inch circle
Fishing pole - piece of word window and modern label on edge of paper so you only punch 1 'bump'
Water - various ovals layered


RedGem said...

love him no matter his mood. I'm sure things will pick up, haha! You know I really appreciate all your hard work and look forward every day to see your creativity. I hope you can find easier ways to share your work with us. I don't know enough about blogs so I can't offer any advise, sorry!

Whimcees said...

It's probably early morning - you know how those fishermen are! Or maybe his girlfriend left him and he is thinking "I did everything I could." :<)

It is a lot of work to create original art as you do and then photo and edit and post - but look how many women out there wait for your creations! 226 followers today! It is a good thing though that we can bluff our way on a post some days!

Wishing you a weekend with some rest and some fun!

Barbara Diane

Patricia Gessner said...

Ellen, you and your work and efforts are very, very, very appreciated. I may not leave a comment every day, but I smile and thank you every day.
I sometimes check your blog at 1am.
Always look forward to seeing what you do every day. Take a rest when you need it. I often just go through and look at everything again.
Thanks again, Patricia

Jenn said...

Love, love the details on this fisherman...even if he's a sad fisherman. Most fisherman are probably too afraid to admit that that's how most fishing trips fish :) Thanks for your inspiration once again!

Anonymous said...

Love this fisherman, even with his sad expression. He's probably dreaming up some "fish story" to tell when he gets home.
I really appreciate the time and effort you put in each day to get your fabulous creations on your blog. I anxiously check the computer each morning to see what new gem you have come up with. Maybe you should do an online punch art class. I, for one, would be more than willing to pay for your wonderful characters.

Anonymous said...

Cute punch art once again!

I really just wanted to let you know that all of your work, and your willingness to share, is much appreciated; but I see several others beat me to it! : ) Truly, you are amazing and yours is one of the only blogs I take the time to visit on a regular basis. If this were a perfect world, I would spend all day long blog-hopping...... but, alas, it isn't and I don't have the time. I always make time several times a week for yours though.
Thank you Ellen, from the bottom of my heart!

Anonymous said...

What is the color of paper you used for the fisherman? I love your creations!

Ellen Kemper said...

Almost all my "folks" are blush blossom Which retired long ago and far away....