Wednesday, April 21, 2010


I'm thinking you can use this for a scrapbook page when your team/player is the ..... underdog!

Here is the first how to photo:
Head - wide oval slimmed on the sides
Muzzle - wide oval
Ears - Full heart - cut in half
Nose  - 1/2 inch circle
Eyes - new circle punch from punch pack
Neck - word window
Body - 1 wide oval 2 large ovals
U - punch 1 inch circle around word window hole
Collar - 3/4 inch circle cut in half
Legs/feet - full heart trimmed - bottom left in photo shows the red part cut from the full heart
Arms - thin pieces from punching square or photo corner next to square or photo corner hole
Hands - modern label then 1/2 inch circle - add a standard hole punch thumb

Sleeves Photo
Sleeves are modern label - bumps cut off then cut diagonally
back of sleeves is part of a 3/4 inch circle

Cape Photo
Cape is 3 inch circle trimmed a little straight on the sides
Large oval punched next to large oval hole (2)
And here he is again.....


boliver said...

Love him!
Thanks for the recipe!

Migdalia said...

There's no need to fear, Underdog is here! That was the first thing that popped in my head, after reading your title! You are awesome with those punches! TFS

RedGem said...

This is wonderful, what you can do with punches is just amazing. Tks for the picture of the cut-outs, he is absolutely outstanding. My grand-nephew is going to love him.

Anonymous said...

Hi Ellen,
I'm sending you the Sunshine Award! You are so full creativity with your punch art the sun just shines from your work! Thank you for sharing it. Check out my blog for the details of the award -
Happy Punchin'!

Nicole Smith said...

I love your punch art and check your website every day. I'm not working right now, my husband is waiting for a lung transplant, so I have a lot of time and CASE a TON! of your stuff. Thank you for making my world a little brighter. -Nicole

Ellen Kemper said...

Oh my goodness Nicole - I am glad I can bring you a smile every once in a while. Take care of that hubby and I hope they get him fixed up soon!

Carolyn Sharkas said...

Wow! He is awesome and really takes me back! I just love him! Kids these days really don't know what they are missing, do they?

OOPs! showing my age again, lol.