Sunday, April 25, 2010

I think there is a weed in his garden...

I don't know how I'll use Rabbit - I gave him a grumpy face because that is what I remember from the videos my kids used to watch. I think he has spied a weed in his garden!

You can make him 'happier' by changing where you put the black in his eye and changing his eyebrow shape and position.  Play with it and see what you can do.

Body - 4 large ovals - white one trimmed as shown in photo below
Head - wide oval trimmed as shown
Neck - word window
Ears - small oval trimmed
Ear center - scrap cut by hand
Muzzle - edge of butterfly punch repunched with end of small oval
Nose - new circle
Feet - small oval, flat on bottom
Arms - square next to square hole
Hands - new flower from Punch Pack (available May 1) - trim some 'petals' off
Tail - 3/4 inch circle - used distressing tool to "fluff" it

The hoe was just so he'd have something to hold - you could add a carrot or flower or a pot of honey for his friend Pooh!


RedGem said...

I love him as he is! Because of you now when I see a cartoon character I begin envisioning him with ovals, circles, word or Hslot punches. I ask myself what would Ellen use for 'this' part! haha...tks for sharing your work.

Ellen Kemper said...

OK Ruby, the next step is to pull out those punches and try one for yourself. You know, I like having "guest punchers" around here. Give it a whirl, girl!

Kelly said...

OMG Ellen, is there anything you can't do!?! You have such a talent for always capturing your character's likeness.

Carolyn Sharkas said...

Good one of Rabbit. Perfect as usual. Pooh was always one of my kids favorites.