Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Garden Gal

This is the type gardener I am - more interested in what is going on in the neighbor's yard than in what is in the flower bed. 

No honestly, I am the kind of gardener that swipes the debit card and then brings hubby a cold glass of something wet when he plants what I bought. 

Here is a photo of Garden Gal's parts:

Tool tips at end of post
The two you might need help "seeing" here are the sun glasses - scallop border
Hat base (because it isn't an SU punch - it is "another" large circle punch) -  2 1/2 inch circle repunched

YOU can get the same effect with your circle scissor plus if you don't cheat and occasionally succumb to purchasing punches from other companies. 

My humor idol, Jan Tink, uses the term Rubbah-dultery - being unfaithful to her Stampin' Up! stamps,

The terminology for cheating with punches would be 'Perfidious Punching' but that doesn't quite trip off the tongue, does it?

need the link to

I originally had her hands hidden- but I changed my mind (the little bit of one I have left) and added her hands (modern label repunched with circle) and tool (piece of oval, piece of snowflake) after the parts photo.


Stef H said...

you at least do that much! i kill silk!

fabulous! as always.

Carolyn Sharkas said...

Wow! she took a lot of work! She's great, though. I don't work in my yard, a few years ago, someone told me that they saw me working in my yard and I looked like one of those wooden ladies behinds everyone was putting in there yards back then. That sure cured me of yard work, lol.


Dawn said...

Too funny that you should make a garden gal after I put in 2 new flower beds last nite..I think I have found some new muscles on the body. Sad that it hurts when you sit and try to get up... too much stamping this winter and not enought exercise huh?

Claire said...

Wow Ellen, your punch creations are amazing :)I'm about t send my whole team to check out your blog!

Whimcees said...


She is wonderful! A true lady of the neighborhood garden club! Perfection! :<)

Barbara Diane

Jeannie said...

Love your gardener! I have a plant sale for my garden club coming up in a few weeks. I thought this might make cute tags for the plants I bring, of maybe even for a pack of notecards that I'll hopefully be able to contribute if I get my act together! TFS!